Question regarding this trick

So , i was about to create a new build for my rogue since I always got one shotted by mobs on floor 500+ but before doing that , i uploaded (saved) my progress first , just in case the build that i made sucks and turns out , it did :joy: Wasted ton of rubies , amethysts and obsidians. Good thing i saved first otherwise I would lose a ton of ultra rare crystals that i work so hard to farm. But then i read a thread about the “cheaters” , “fraud zone” or “an arena that has full of hackers/hacker zone” and there , i remember someone said that if you/i keep doing that trick where i saved my progress first before doing something like making a new build , abusing or reseting the mythic enslaver achievement if I don’t get the eternal pet i want or the affixes i want and etc , i might get banned from the “legit arena” ( where there’s no cheaters ) and i will be put to the hackers arena, or in the game. Is this true?


what you are doing isn’t really cheating, it is actually an exploit. but since the exploit wasn’t what the developers intended, they made the 3 hour wait in between the upload/downloads.

as far as getting sent to the Cheaters Arena, that is for getting caught using apps to make Eternal Items & Pets that can’t normally be Crafted in DQ. as long as you know the limitations of Crafting Eternals, then you will know which players are cheating.

here is a Post that new players can use to know if an Item is hacked or not.

although i don’t remember mentioning in the post, Eternal Items can be found with Crystal Affixes, but only if the Eternal Item has an Affix that is on the Crystal Affix List. Pets can’t have Crystal Affixes, and only the Merlin Imp has Legend Affixes.

hope this helps.


What if some cheater customize their item and they only play on the champaign… how can we caught them or how can we report them?

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Let them suck their own PP as they please at this point…

No sense in wasting your energy enforcing people what to do with their own fluffing miserable lives…


the Dev’s are interested in keeping the Battle Arena clear of cheaters and hackers, as it is online. since the Campaign is offline, they don’t really have the ability to enforce no cheating. now, if a cheater accidentally put a hacked Character in the Arena instead of their Legit Character, well, they only have themselves to blame.