Questions about Enchanting

Straight to the point (TL:DR):

  • looking for a list of all possible modifiers for equipment
  • suggestions for best DPS modifiers
  • suggestions for best tanking modifiers

I want to start working on solid end game epics with solid modifiers. My biggest issue atm is determining the differences and viability between the various damage buff modifiers like +dmg +dmg% +elementdmg +elementdmg% +critchance% +critdmg% +attackspeed% and the priority of rolling these. Crushing Blow and Bleeding seem to carry weight too, especially when dealing with high HP mobs like in EP8 levels. Is +additional attack chance worth having?

I’m also curious how weapon/offhand DPS is determined and the affect of the above modifiers on it. Seems like +dmg directly affects the weapon’s listed dps as well as +dmg%. But how do the elemental buffs stack? And does a +elementdmg% modifier even do anything if the weapon is of a different element and/or no other item equipped has +elementdmg modifier?

Is it the most optimal to buff weapon/offhand DPS directly (for best skill damage too) and then use +dmg% buffs on the rest of the equipment?

I was thinking of trying to roll 3 of the most optimal damage buffs, dual leech, plus to resists. Is it worth trying to get +skill modifiers though? Will I be depending on plus HP/Mana or bonuses to armor later on?

Any insight into these specifics would be very useful :smile:

+DMG and %DMG are about DPS of the weapon on which you’re rolling them. But as your weapon DPS is a huge part of your total DMG output, you have to get the max you can get.
+elementdmg is kinda useless, but %elementaldmg is needed
%crit chance, %critcDMG and %attkspeed are needed, try to cap them!

Yes and no : good for “huge HP pools” indeed, but if your CB is too high (max is 60%) that does mean you’ve 60% chance to take 25% HP :
1 hit : - 25% of 100% = 75%
2 hit : - 25% of 75% = 56,25%
3 hit : - 25% of 56,25% = 42%
So if you’re hitting only CB you can’t kill your ennemy, actually iit would be a pain if you’ve too much dmg and if you’re procing CB too much :smile:

Can be good indeed, never played bleeding stuff but it’s kinda interesting

Depends of many things : your class, the skills you’re using, the weapon you’re using
By example :

  • playing with whirlwind or sprint skills, which are not affected by additionnal attk = useless
  • playing with “comets” or “ricochets” = useful
    Same goes for “multi attk”


In the DPS formula it’s at the end if i’m right, and it’s not capped

There isn’t “+elementalDMG%” actually, because it’s affected by your weapon element, so if you’re using a poison weapon, you won’t see “+elemental DMG%” but “+poison%”
Also if you’re using a fire chest, you wi’ll get +fire%, which won’t increase poison DPS

Is it the most optimal to buff weapon/offhand DPS directly (for best skill damage too) and then use +dmg% buffs on the rest of the equipment?

You can’t get %DMG and +DMG on gears except on MH and OH, same goes for “extra attk”
Usually I craft weapons like that :

  • DMG%
  • DMG+
  • ElementalDMG%
  • extra attk (if needed)
  • random
  • random

+skill and +talents are … the best affixes you can get!

Hmm, what are the caps for critical chance, critical damage and attack speed?

What makes +elementdmg less desirable, moreover, what is the real difference between elemental dmg buffs and regular dmg buffs if weapon dmg already assumes the element applied? I was also thinking the +dmg buff would be more desirable because the +dmg% would be based off the raw number +dmg and that appears to be a bigger buff. I’m far from max level gear, but seems like +dmg can basically double base MH and OH DPS whereas the bigger +dmg% I’m currently seeing are 5-10%.

What are the activation percentages for +extra attack?

I’ll have to look more closely at some of the +skills and +talent modifiers as I thought I noticed two types like, +1 prismatic which applies a whole rank level to chance for prismatic versus a +prismatic which was significantly weaker. The affixes are different than modifiers in terminology correct? Like Magnify 6 will appear under the item name and that’s an affix?

That was a wealth of info provided, thank you so far for your time Diieter!

“+%dmg” and “+%elementaldmg”, which one is better when choosing a legend item?

+%DMG obviously, but the best is to get both :smiley:

critchance : 60
critdmg : 375 / 350 (not sure because it’s changing often
attk speed : 60

Don’t get me wrong, +DMG and %DMG are both very importants!
I’m saying +elementalDMG isn’t that good compared to %elementalDMG, but can’t really explain It’s from personnal experience, but I may be wrong, better ask Steiger which is the maths master

Well 100%

Magnify +4 (max) affix : Increase your “magnify” rank by 4 (+5% per level if i’m right)
Each skills (& talents) are capped to rank “40”

1.5 : You can get “skills ranks” from 1 way : gear affixes (+4 twister or +4 whirlwind for example) AND “+4 skills” affix (= every skills)
1.6 : You can get “skills ranks” from 2 ways : gear affixes (same) AND “+4 skills” affix (= every skills) + hero stats points (complicated, it’s a new feature coming)

1.5 : You can get “talents ranks” from 2 ways : gear affixes (+4 prayer or +4 cosmic for example) AND “+4 talents” affix (= every talents)
1.6 : Idem

TL;DR : The must have is “+4 skills” and “+4 talents” which are increasing every skills and talents (found on nadroji)
But the affixes “+4 whirlwind” etc are fine also, they do increase the dmg (or the range, the duration etc, it depends of the modifier, for example : +4 mirrorimage will increase the %proc of a mirror image, while +4 mirage will increase the dmg of mirror image)

Talents and Skills capped both to 40; 20 from gear (affixes), 20 from hero stats points (1.6 feature, but only for skills)

You’re welcome, don’t hesitate to ask :smile:

I wish 375% crit damage cap could be removed. Or at least make it 500%. Im a critical builder and its sad to know that there’s a limit for it.

The critical damage will be too high for rage set if no cap.[emoji23]

Understandable, but our goal is to get players to choose a variety of affixes, and for us to avoid letting too many affixes be “must haves” on gear. Crit Damage is one of the stats that players would stack endlessly if they could.

You might like that in 1.6.0, Deadly Strike is being changed to be a chance ( if you crit ) to do double your Critical Damage, so you’re getting value from critical chance, critical damage, and deadly strike in combination.

The critical damage will be too high for rage set if no cap.[emoji23][/quote]

+1 that’s the problem, I wish rage set would be nerf a bit, 2% of armor is already too much tbh, I’ve 88,6k armor, so It should give me 1760 crit dmg without cap :laughing:

deadly strike (max 60%) : double crit dmg

Well. That took a while to read. Honestly, though… worth it. I had already figured out that I want the percentage boosters more than the solid numbers, but the crit stuff… I really never focused on crit damage or chance. So… I think I’ll wait to integrate this new knowledge to 1.6, but it’ll be quite useful then.

You’re kidding right? :laughing:
You never maxxed your crit chance or your crit dmg yet? These affixes are the most importants!
Think about it : Crit chance 350% : it does mean every time you crit you’ll do 3.5x more damage!
So on a hit of 1m => 3.5m, on a hit of 10m => 35m … You get the thing? :smile:
Also, crit chance : 60% : 6hits on 10 will be crits, very important!

And the best part is “deadly strike” : double your crit dmg
So on a hit of 10m => (10x3.5) x 2 = 70m (instead of 10m) amazing isn’t it? :wink:
But ofc i’m not taking in consideration that you’ve to get :
60% of crit
60% of deadly strike
Which does mean : 60% of 60% = 36% chance of hitting a deadly strike hit

Nah, I was totally serious. :L I prefer buffing my base damage to making my crits OP. Now, obviously crits are important… but I always focused on base damage. :blush: Obviously, I am not a pro.

Damn, gone for a day and this thread really grew!

I am trying to roll epic affixes on my wand but after saving and reloading off and on for a day, I only have +dmg% -.- no luck getting a second epic roll so far that I am looking for.

Another affix I was finding interesting was Weaken. I used to play Diablo 2 a lot (some diablo 3) so a lot of these affixes aren’t completely new. I am wondering how much value this has and if a single affix amidst all equipment is enough, whether they stack and break element resists/immunities?

Is there any form of prevent monster heal? Having some issues w enemies in ep8 maps that have +monster heal affixes and +monster leeching.

I love the participation this thread is getting, keep it going :slight_smile:

Also, why is the wand on the right weaker?

Base on my experience…the most important affixes in items are Crit chance, Crit damage and attack speed… Plus the set of gears/items you equipped and also how you play and how smooth your device…lol

Well enchant takes a lot of time; i already spent 1 week to get a single affix lol, and also spent time to roll items to do perfect rolls

  • Epic weaken should be : 10% (like crushing blow and deadly strike)
  • Max weaken should be : 60% (like CB and DS)
  • 1.6 : Crystal affix weaken : 50% (like CB and DS)

There is a new legend affix that you can get through enchant called “ignore resist” … well you understand what does it mean :smile:
But some bosses/monster are immune to that (otherwise it would be too much easy) :unamused:

Deal more dmg than they can regen :laughing:

That’s true you’ve to buff your base dmg to make better dmg :

[quote]- DPS : 5000

  • affixe : +5000 DMG

  • Crit dmg : 200%
    => 10 000 x2 = 20 000

  • DPS : 5000

  • affixe : +75% Crit dmg

  • Crit dmg : 200%
    => 5000 x 2.75 = 13750[/quote]

But now you’ve to take in consideration that you can buff your base damage only on your OH and MH, so you should get :

  • 5000 dmg (epic)
  • 50% dmg (epic)
  • 50% dmg (mythstone)
  • elemental dmg %
  • 1 random crystal affix
  • 2 extra attk chance (depends of your weapon but if as you’re playing wizard, if u’re using staff or wand, better take this affix, also it can be got from “mythstone” or “legend affix” )

Now, for the ppl using a lot “elemental DMG%” (=1 affix per item, and some affix got from talents like “might” of warriors)…
Maybe it would be better to get the affix “elemental DMG+” on the weapon to increase the basic value before applying the multiplier
Idk I didn’t test :smile:

Jeez… so much more in-depth than it looks. I love it!

world of theorycraft:)

world of theorycraft:)[/quote]

Yap that’s how I do a build, spending more time to think about it and how to do it than playing actually :laughing:

What happened to enchanting after latest update where enchant used to be is replaced by hero