Rage and momentum set affix

I have spent probably 65-70 crystals trying to get rage and momentum on my chest and offhand. I see the same like 7 set affixes and have yet to ever see rage or momentum… Can these sets not be obtained from enchanting?

Which Crystal did you use? And with which class are you playing? You can get set affixes by using Amethyst CS on an item, which doesn’t have a set affix already. Since Momentum and Rage are Set Affixes only available to Warrior’s legendary items, make sure that you use the Warrior class while applying the Amethyst to an item. If you are lucky, Rage/Momentum will be available to choose from the Set Affix Pool.
You can farm for these legendaries as well, if you don’t want to ‘waste’ Amethysts, which are the second highest Crystals in the game.

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I have a feeling it’s because of the class Haha… I’m playing a rogue and I know which crystal to use :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve already got 4 other sets I need, just can’t get rage and momentum. Let me guess I need to jasper (I think that changes class) and roll on my warrior?

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You edited before I commented, that’s what I was thinking Haha. Thank you much!

Another question will 2x level 5 permafrost stack or does only 1 of each set work?

Yeah exactly! Switch to your Warrior class and apply an Amethyst on item X while playing with the Warrior class. Make sure to Jasper Item X to an item for the Warrior class. :wink:

After you got Rage/Momentum, Jasper it again to make it equipable for your Rogue class.

Hehe, you are welcome cynicz!

So will 2 of the same set for example 2x lv 5 permafrost stack?

No, you will have permafrost (6).

Last question, is re roll all the only way to re roll crystal and legendary?

Yes, that’s the only way.

As vil said, yes. But it actually isn’t as hard as it might seem. It took me an average of 100 rolls each yesterday to get 4 separate items perfect with one crystal and one legendary affix. Considering they are a really low crystal, they shouldn’t be hard to gather. Adding another legendary affix into the mix might make it a nightmare though.


How do I get anything other than (1) on the set affix? :frowning:

As I understand your question.
One way is that you have to get specific equips with set affix. 1 permafrost weapon + 1 permafrost ring = (2)

Another way is that you need the Elixer mythstone on a accesory and ring to get +4 set affix(Cap). (+2 each)
Nadroji Crystal and Ring has a Legend affix of +2 set number
Look at my Hunter Ring And Nadroji Crystal it has +2 set number affix.

Even if I have (1) piece of the set affix it all becomes (5) because of the +4 set affix

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Holy cow, that solves everything. Thankew! :slight_smile:

May I ask what’s the current luck on this build?

Also, I’m running with a uber weak version of this, is it fine to go without luck when you have (5) for crystalline, nadroji, eternalized and mythical?

No prob ^^

When I was using this build I always had 650 luck but I was in mythic 3

220.7 luck from ring
50 luck from heroic skill Fortune20
350 mythic 3
Then I think at that time I was using luck nature to max out to 650

As far as I know luck doesn’t affect mythstone and crystal drops. That’s why item drop is really needed.
Luck is for equips
well for me I always maximize it to 650.

I see, thanks. I’m gonna farm for mythstones first for that +2 set lol.