Reflect dmg in PVE

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I have a question…, has anyone ever made a “reflect dmg” PVE build? if so, what were the results? often overlooked some affixes and skills/mythskills related to “reflect dmg” in both PVP and PVE Honestly, I rarely pay attention to it myself, and I can see that on this forum there is no/hasn’t or has anyone brought up the theme “reflect dmg”,but I don’t know who it is actually
if you can develop this build for PVE, it’s very practical, yes…, I’m curious :sweat_smile:

for example, we use warrior with talent ring(wrath) as arcane caster
and can “reflect dmg” be stacked with Arcane debuff from Arcanist set? does “reflect dmg” synergize with total wpn/element Dps?

So the main issue is reflect damage works very similar to a proc, i.e it cant trigger another proc… another issue is it cant elemental crit, so no frozen set to speed up the murder…
However the biggest issue is the enemies, they’re slow and they’re stupid so you’re gonna be waiting around for them to attack you

A potential alternative might be iceburn set, or wrath talent on warrior, again neither of these elemental crit but they’re more reliable for finishing that last stubborn enemy who’s aim is worse than a stormtrooper
One that i never tested is Arc Dodge (chance to trigger an arc on a successful dodge, from the reactor set items) im pretty sure it should be able to elemental crit, therefore trigger frozen set explosion

My best advice might be to try out:

  • use redirect on the amulet (dodged attacks now deal reflect damage)
  • use arc dodge
  • use a rogue (rogues get 35% dodge for free)

Final note:
is it viable? Yes, at low floors its survivable and decent damage
should you? Probably not, it’ll be a lot of waiting around


I have done some builds with Reflect Damage. @TeaCup mentioned (:rofl: Stormtrooper) the main problem, which is waiting for enemies to attack you so you can hopefully kill them with Reflect Damage.

here is a theory craft I did awhile back for Wizards.

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I like it, a couple of mentions for it;
First, I really dunno how you guys plan builds without excel :joy:
As for the build, reflect damage generally takes its base damage from the MH, however ManaShield takes its base damage from the OH… its no issue really if you add +WD to both weapons
And idk about the tanky stats, you have no MP, 100% glass cannon and no sanctuary to go with dodge & block

Just food for thought :yum:

:pencil2: :spiral_notepad: plus lots of :thinking: .

Mana Shield gives +2.5% damage to (Legend) Reflect Damage. there were some posts on the subject, and some of the Mod’s went out of their way to explain how it works. one of the things mentioned that I want to test someday, is that Legend Reflect Damage is added to Mana Shield’s Reflected Damage when it is hit. in this case, you would want +200% WD% on both weapons for best damage.

Redirect Mythic & Sanctuary Mythic are both on Necklace.

the build as shown kind of relies on killing with Reflect Damage using Dodge & Block with Redirect (so don’t need Resource), and Electrified Set to make each Reflected attack an AoE with tons more damage. it’s a really focused build. it would actually do better with Rogue Permastealth & Warrior 100% Block Builds. but you would have to change some of the affixes for them.

my best Farm RD build got up to 100’s of millions. when I Dodge/Block multiple attacks from the same mob, billions DPS to all enemies within 25 yards of my Wizard. against single Epic+ enemies, DPS goes down, unless there is a nearby mob attacking me.


So i made a little build to test the limits of reflect damage. Spoiler, its not very high :joy:

Here’s the basic build that i used, its not pretty but it would have theoretically delt a lot of damage, I’ll explain why it sucks at the end

In pve, the build delt around 90-140 million

In pvp:
The idea being that sanctuary would kick in, you’d get a few extra reflect damage off and the enemy would die… no counter, which makes sence why it doesn’t work

The absolute highest damage I was able to achieve was pretty pathetic to say the least haha

So i think the arena caps reflect damage riiiight down, like all the way to maybe around 50%?
Mana Shield seems to be the same scenario, it does cause reflect to trigger twice but its damage seemed equally as low.
The other issue with the build is that reflect damage counts as a proc, so it only occurs once per second
My final verdict would be to only use one legend reflect damage affix

Oh and an extra note, timewarp seemed to also increase reflect damage, just wanted to mention that :man_shrugging:t2:


from what I’ve read, in the early days, Legend Reflect damage was pretty powerful in PVP, and then it got nerfed.

I wonder if cool down could speed up how often RD can hit, like in less than a second like Orb Skill. that way, high speed attacks can increase damage returned to the attacker.

I think the down side to using this in the Arena is that MH dmg is based on level 20 weapons, and RD is +% MH dmg.

thanks for the info, @TeaCup .

another thing is, RD has no range limit, I think. but if using Electrified Set, you have an AoE of 25 yards centered on your Character.