Resist and astral and dps

I studied the black magic orb build in another topic, sorry I dont know how to quote other topic, I mean the link. anyway I want build a pet hunting build with crystaline, eternal, epiphany, nadroji, and from this black magic orb build, I think resist is the best, so I choose Faun’s Gifts, Spell Sword, and Cerebral Vortex, the crystal affix are one attack speed, two luck, three all resist. but after a initial test, I was confused by how the resist and astral works.

Astral is so hard to roll it took me literally like 2000 topaz either I’m very unlucky or you can only roll it on certain things like my pet. But also there are other afix that would work better than astral unless your getting it already on the item

Crystal block , dodge, critical chance, critical damage , then luck and gold find. Just an idea. :roll_eyes:

Astral Talent: this is a Wizard Talent and can only be used by Wizards.

Part 1: For every 100 All Resist, increase ED% by +0.1% per Rank. Astral 20 would increase ED% by +2% for every 100 All Resist. this is from the Talents Stat Page. in the Codex > Dictionary > Talents > Astral it is +0.05% per Rank. on the item it shows +0.05% per Rank also.

just did a Search :mag: and couldn’t find if the extra ED is +0.1% or +0.05%. but either way, it is a lot of DMG if Crafted correctly.

Part 2: if you look at your Defense Stat Page, it will show you how much All Resist you have. @Mr_Scooty Black Magic Orb Build has 172,400 All Resist. divided by 100 gives 1724, which we multiply by 2, which gives us +3448% increase to ED%.

Part 3: if I take the description for Astral literally, I need to have ED% on my Build. +20% ED x 35.48 = +709.6% ED DMG. +100% ED x 35.48 = +3,548% ED DMG. the average Build has +300% ED x 35.48 = +10,644% ED DMG. if I want to be an Element Master with +600% ED x 35.48 = +21,288% ED DMG!!! Astral Talent 40 would be +600% ED x 69.96 = +41,976% ED DMG!!! :crazy_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::cold_face::astonished::hushed::open_mouth::scream::smiling_imp::100::boom:

what makes Astral difficult is that you would need to get All Resist to at least 5000 with Astral 20 for a +100% increase to ED%. if a player is willing to focus a Build on Astral, you could get huge DMG using ED%.


@dickwad I’m very sorry, I didn’t have time to Complete my topic Yesterday, I have several meetings from nine o’clock am to nine o’clock PM. @Golem I have do some test, And following are the pictures. @Mikeb120
I got a build with 40k resist, with a CON telent, the dmg of skull shell is 1.22 m, with AST telent, is 1.27m, so I guess the little improvement maybe because I dont have element dmg on my build, so I add 1.9k element dmg on MH, skull dmg improve to 1.29m…

upper is the initial states

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And here are the status with 20 ast

here are the state with element dmg

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I just recognize that I didn’t change my skill, roll the skills and the resist is 50k now, skullshield is from 1 to 20, and intelligence from 0 to20, I didn’t see any damage improvement belonging to resist And ast, By the way, I am a wizard, This condition really confused me…

states accord to reroll skills


@Mikeb120 you are really bad luck😂

yeah, you know the feeling that to get a new way😉

@Golem according to my test, 0.05% is the right number, maybe the talent page only support 0.* :joy:, not 0.**
even I got 300% element dmg%, 58k resist, it doesn’t work…

Ok so a quick question why cant I roll frostbiting on my MH seriously I used 32 rubies just today trying to and I havent

@Mikeb120 be patient and use save and load

Wait what save and load? I’ve never used either of those before

@Mikeb120 Register a game account, save data on the account before making equipment. If a certain number of crystals can’t get the desired results, remove the game data from the mobile phone and download the data from the cloud again, but with a three-hour time interval limit.

That sounds like cheating to me it runs the whole farming and excitement aspect for me

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@Mr_Scooty, hi, could you find what happened?

Maybe, I use this way to make my first build, but it still cost me five crystals to make a crystal affix in average. its really heartbreak, I have my fist build finished over 1k floor😂

Everyone: the unload and download is considered cheating, which is why there is a 3 hour wait as of Patch 3.0. if you read the thread for Patch 3.0, there are some comments on the subject.

@Mikeb120 RNG just yanking your chain and making you use lots of Ruby’s. I have spent lots myself with no results before.

@smiles292 thanks for work on Astral.

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Atsral OP :thinking: :smile: . Jk. Seriously though, it’s kinda fun making Astral have so much ED% with a insanely high resist and at the same time tank well. Actually that’s exactly what I used when patch 2.3 or so shrine with Enshrined could give 100k resist each. I think I went from 1000 resist to 100k. So 100 times that. Used this for fortune bringer farm aka Knights Fortune once with wizard. Warrior with equivalence to max mp Regen and Druidic before regen balancing changes.

Also it may be best to use Astral maxed at 40 instead of 20 for an Astral build, have some ED% as stated, all resists. Like the theorycraft and observations here.
Of course with that, I’d max Intelligence hero point as well over 20 or 40. I think Astral used to deal a good bit more ED% before going to 4% at 20 before being balanced out.