RNGod's Birthday present for me <3

Guys i think this eternal pet is Genesis and im so glad i finally have one :sob:. THANK YOU VERY MUCH RNG.

congrats, not being a slime is already a big time jackpot.


Thank you guys and btw its just a 1hour farming and im not done yet on enslaver feat. I just spam floor 21 Challenge maps about 30 maps.

Did you use rock paper scissor technique?

Please reveal the Affixes to see whether it’s good or not? I remember one time when cronos got lucky and got like 3 eternal pets on his Birthday. RNG did troll his pets but it wasn’t a slime because slime weren’t pet then. But that ascendant pet he finally used when ascendant worked.

I think some other person also got Eternal pet near Birthday or on it (i got mine on a long before my 16th birthday for eg back in 2015-2016).

Needless to say, congratulations! That looks like a fantastic pet, especially being a non slime.

Congratulations!! Which 5 epic affix when you revealed?

i dont think so. what is that ?

I think its for warrior only i didnt screenshot but i remembered those affixes:
Set Affix: Terrashaper
Epic Affix:MP regen +111
All resist +61
Poison resist +201
Crit DMG 34%
Total AR 12%
HP +2381

Awesome affixes! Nice for PvP!

Awesome affixes but the time that my pet reach lvl.100, Just 2 Affixes get perfect rolled and the others not like Crit DMG 147% only, MP Regen +988 and Poison resist +743

But RNGod still give some eternal pets and legends HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! and its a Slime one and Imp (Rage) with Inferno Set affix, Amplify, Magnify, Astral, Crit Chance and HP+. I’ll plan some builds that my Imp pet can fit.

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Kill more enslavers for Perfect epic affix rolls. Yes the pet shows level 100 but you need to do the save pet feat a couple more times. See below.

Perfect for Grinding Enslaver is on Floor 101+ and i get Legend pets but a slime one (And i convert it).

Ahhh. thats the way of getting Perfect rolls ? I ignore that all the time haha cos i think its a nvrmind feat.

What technique did you talk about ?