Rogue Hireling 2 Billion+ dmg Flintlock build floor 1300+

Hello, first time posting my build fully finished here. I took a lot of stuff from Miss Flintlock build as well as the Arcanist+Ascendent build. Overall, this hireling rarely dies, sprays and kills everything off quickly using Ricochet while i run around on my warrior or wizard. It rarely depends on stealth at all since sanctuary helps it stay alive most of the time. Easily does 2 Billion+ dmg. Can finish floor 1300+ with ease. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Here is a video of the rogue in action.



Epiphany bonus will not activate if you dont have Epiphany Set as your attack speed cap
will not increase to meet the required attack speed for the bonus damage

Huh?? are you sure? Cuz it seems to increased the dmg a lot for me. I read on Iceberg build (bow) 2.3 and Roykiyoy did the same thing I did and it seems to work. From Roykiyoy post “ephipany bonus req is 70% asp base on gear… it will work even without ephipany.affix since the req is base on gear.”

Anyways, I am trying to upgrade my build since I heard having Glass cannon 100% with 50% push the limit and 50% barbarian was stronger than 100% Glass cannon and 100% push the limit. So upgrade coming soon. EDITED: Apparently trying to do 50% Barbarian and 50% push the limit almost makes it impossible for me to cast Stealth. So sticking with 100% push the limit and 100% glass cannon instead.
And here is my pet.

It seems to work without Epiphany, im not sure if it’s intended or not. Maybe @Griffin can help us clarify.

Suggestion, replace elements with Plagued or Demonic

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Thanks for the help! As stated, I took a lot of stuff from both ur builds, the Miss Fortune Build and the frozen/arcanist/ascendent build.

Did some asking around at an earlier occasion, and as far as I remember, the bonus works. Your attack speed will cap out at 60% on your Stat screen, but the bonus will activate as long as you have 70% combined on your gear.
Also I’m thinking the bonus would be grey, instead of light green on purphemys screen shot, if the bonus wasn’t active?

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Nice build @purphemy. What kind of luck/Gf can you achieve with the hireling at full dps setup?

yeah, seems to be working just fine. If this is intended i can already think of ways to boost my current build by 200% dmg

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Thanks! Umm…sorry but I don’t understand your question? The gf/luck is what is posted on the picture… 868% luck and 1012% gold find and this is without any luck or gf on my rogue hireling at all since its full dps. Here is a picture of what I use on my main… The gf/luck numbers won’t go higher (unless I added luck on hireling) so I use adventurer to run around more easily lol…

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Ah - didn’t read the original post properly. My bad:)

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Haha all good =)

Looking at your setup again, you have +4 set numbers on your ring on the main, and +2 and the amulet. Isn’t +4 the max combined? You might be able to use that slot for more survivability? :slight_smile:


Haha omg so true! Dunno why I never noticed this. Thanks~!

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Now I remember why I did that. I found this ring and was going to change my gear around it but then got too lazy and never finished the new setup. Lol… Seriously the extra +2 was bugging me!

Very nice that ring, but I guess the nadroji bonus would suffer. The epiphany neck is probably worth more than the nadroji bonus:)

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@purphemy is this M3 1300+? Thanks in advance!

Yup!! M3 1300+. The video shown is level 1448 M3.

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It does seem intended that epiphany bonus works without epiphany set. It never explicitly states that epiphany is required to achieve the bonus but that you need to add 70% attack speed on gear (meaning you can add 45% attack speed, 15% attack speed epic affix and another epic affix or 4 haste nature’s afterwards to fulfill the bonus). The bonus does take a couple of slots or two. However if you have eternal pet, it’s only 2 slots as it’s 45% attack speed +30% attack speed from pet to achieve bonus. No need to extend cap attack speed for this to work.