Rogue Hireling 2 Billion+ dmg Flintlock build floor 1300+

yeah. I which i knew it when I made my miss fortune build

That’s cool.

@purphemy nc build. I just wna suggest try removing defiant add demonic set affix

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Hello sir can i see the Ai settings coz i made a flintlock which almost the same with this build but the hireling keep going to the mobs which always killed him. .

Ya its be used the exact same build I mean almost every single thing the same!e eventually I got my attack speed from pet instead of the 2nd crystal affix but the sep bonus worked without epiphany. I had a eternal helm with same affixes and dmg would gp down by a ton

Here you go, it’s not really accurate I’m sure you can increase the range if needed. I just put it at at random high number. I only use Ricochet and Stealth.

It is intended. Dependant affixes require you to have the stuff equipped it doesn’t care about caps. For example you can equip 6*45 crystal ASpd affixes if you want to.

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Recently switched out don’t remember what for hunger. I do have the attack speed for epiphany bonus but no epiphany so maxes out at 65 or what ever but hunger makes it insanely fast and primary with bomb is good fun. Just gotta add mana cause you don’t really have enough at half mana to use stealth so it. causes a lot of deaths until you get used to working with half your pool basicly

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I’m making this set, just need pistol and necklace.
I switched one of the attack speed for another Weaken (Just cause obsidian RNG gave it to me, and I have a eternal pet with attack speed, so i can reach 70% that way).
So far it’s going good, Even with a shit pistol and neck, I can farm 600+ pretty easy. Just don’t hit billions yet, cause my pistol have no dmg, and i haven’t EleCrit% + Frozen.

Edit1: But still having some strugle with AI, :S

Uhmm… how did you make a 2 billion damage? What are the factors?

Arcanist (5) & Ascendant (5) together gives +20% ED% damage for every enemy affected by Arcane DoT, which lasts for 5 seconds. Ricochet has a huge range and can hit lots of enemies in a short time. he has around +400% ED% on his Gears. if he can average 20 enemies at a time with Arcane DoT, his ED% would be +1600% ED%. for enemies hit by Freeze & Frostbiting (he has Frostbiting +100%) total damage is doubled. plus if you look at the Build above, there are other multiplies to increase the damage even more. but it is the Arcanist & Ascendant combo which is driving up the damage so high.


I don’t know if I burn again a lot of dust but it’s an effective one and more stable items without changing it for a long period. And also Mr. Golem, are the Momentum sets obtainable within the amethyst crystal?

I think yes… Bur you should convert it to warrior class before you add the crystal and after that change it again to rogue class…


But that Insolence items are commonly sets with Defiant and it sounds confusing

You ask about the momentum is obtainable with the use of crystal right?
My answer is yes… But you cannot get it unless it is a warrior class item… So if you want that kind of enchantment and your item is for rogue then change it to warrior class by using jasper crystal after that use amythest crystal to get the momentum after you get the enchantment you’ve desired then change it again to rogue class… I hope it will help you


Got it bro!! Thanks a lot :muscle:

Hahaha your welcome I’ve there too where I was a newbie. But thanks to the other player here who never tired of answering my questions…


Mr. Golem is the active player to reply some questions rn. but once a day only like he reply during 1:00 AM, Phil. Standard time

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I am in another time zone in U.S.A. I’ll keep doing my best to answer questions.

I have played a few games with players from countries around the world. some of them are playing in the middle of the night for them, and a few times I was the one playing all night. DQ has many players from around the world, but the Forum means some players have to wait for answers. even I have had to wait a day or two for answers.


We understand that Mr. Golem and what’s matter the most is that we are binding some good relationships in this forum :muscle:

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