Rogue Hireling 2 Billion+ dmg Flintlock build floor 1300+

Golem you are so helpfull and you are so dedicated on this game like everytime I ask you always have the answer and you always help me…


Where can i get the CAP item …i cant find it on the codex

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I think you’re referring to Epiphany. They are Wizard items and in the Codex.

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Thnaks for answering but im wondering how or where can i find that purple item…if legend. Its red . If eternal its green… but i cant find a purple. Already found a drop of eternal and legend…

Purple Items are Items with a Mythic Affix. I believe Eternal Items with a Mythic affix stay Green.

to make a Mythic affix, you need an Item with 4 empty Sockets or use a Crystal to place Sockets on an Item. look in the Codex > Mythics. for new Players, all Mythic affixes have ???. when you put a Mythstone on an Item, there is a chance that it will reveal one of the Mythstones needed for one Mythic affix, ?Boon?? for example. the higher the Tier of the Mythstone used, the higher the chance for part of the recipe being revealed.

Guys Tell me how he actually set Ice Damage for the whole set, how does this actually work? I couldn’t fint it at all

He just crafted items with ice dmg% then added the other affixes.

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Why did HP decrease to 1?

Where ? If it’s current HP, likely because of thorns.