[Rogue Ricochet] Build Help Please For Floorhiking

Please send me some pic or ideas on some rouge builds ricochet for floorhiking…
Thank you in advance

Can you share your current floor/difficulty?
Along with resources such as gears, CS and MS, gold and dust.

I could give you some tips if I could only know how far are you now in the game.

Level is 250 m3 and I have all common crystal up to 98 and rare ctystsld up to 15 except the amber i have like 18 ultra rare crystal i have only 3 i still don’t have obsidian

Mythston i have all common up to 20 I was trying to get a mythical effect effect then I did not noticed all of it was gone the rare mythsone I have like 6 and 10 ultra rare mythstone none zero

For my gear i have my flintlock I only have 4 legend

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You can try use a defiant pistol for Legend Element damage then modify it to have offensive affixes like +5000 Weapon Dmg, Aspd, EAC and MultiAtk.

Get atleast near cap Aspd, crit chance and crit dmg scattered around your other gears, but dont sleep on lv40 Ricochet and Talents such as Pistoleer and Rebound for those sweet ricochet triggers of uhh… Ricochet.

If I am gonna pick an element, it would be lightning element for shock stacks but if Crushing Flames is an option, fire element is a nice alternative.

Nadroji Crystal/Stone of Nadroji are staples legend gears because of those +2 All Set, Pathfinder to convert dodge into damage, Demonic is nice too as well Electrocution(basically any affix that says “this will kill enemies faster” are good to use)…

I might brew one and share the results later when possible. Do you have any hireling by any chance?


Thats the problem I just ascended and got no money and I just used my leftover legend dust to craft me a legend dagger and bomb ninja set

Anndddd… It might took long for me to do it but thanks alot i will soon get back on the floor that I left thanks :smiley:

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And yes I have a hireling its a warrior I was thinking making it a tank also we both ascended

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Can i use this.? Hehehehe

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I dont see why not lmao xD

Just make sure before you do any major changes to your gears, save your progress to your cloud first for precaution

Why though…???

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You can use Crushing flame/frozen for 250++

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Thanks for the help

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