Rouge Farm Build

I gonna make a farm build for my Rouge but confused.

I prepared an elemental build like this:

Mythology,Arc,Wp DMG%,Wp DMG+,ED+
Bomb(/w MI):Pathfinder
Nova,Wp DMG%[L],Wp DMG+,ED+,ECD
+2 AS,Sanctuary,ECD,IR,Master

6x Evasion
20 DEX,20 STR,20 INT,20 MI,20 Fortune

I will use it till reach 1000th floor.I’m now on 450th and can climb till 500th.

But we can make 2 more different build;crushing blow,deadly strike.(I won’t change set affixes without PF)

Which one be more useful/good than other?
I’ll make CF build with Frozen for climbing later.
Pls share your think with me about that.

I don’t think you can get Block on that Eternalized Ring. either you find it on the few Warrior Items that have it, and Jasper it to another class if you need to, or use Obsidian to roll it on an OH weapon.
Deadly Strike or Crushing Blow: I don’t see any extra Critical Damage % on you gears, so it would be a waste. I only use Deadly Strike if I have at least 2 Epic Crit Damage or at least 1 Crystal Crit Damage on my gears. so you would have to go with Crushing Blow. Myth Stones and Epic Affix give +10% CB each, and Crystal Affix gives +30% CB each, with a 60% cap. the % is the chance to lower the enemies Current HP by 10% on each hit.

Damn mate why talking with me like i a newbie :sweat_smile:
I was talking about completely change element part of set with CB or DS(Crit).
And methinks i was tried it and remember like i can add it on all warrior items.If i can’t i can remove Wp DMG+ for add it.Then i can add Crystal Dodge on Amulet so i can change all natures to element too.

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haha, because I saw Block there. keep the WD% & + or your weapons Mythic’s will get too weak. since you are thinking of changing out your ED+ for Deadly Strike or Crushing Blow, you will need at least 50% Crit Chance and 150% Crit Damage, 20% or 30% Deadly Strike. and 20% or 30% Crushing Blow. you can also change out that ED% (Epic) on your Pet to one of these affixes. your damage will go down some, but your spike damage should make up for it. umm, if you are thinking of using CF on this later, then forget the Crit and Deadly Strike and just go for the Crushing Blow for the Crushing Flames. you wont have room for the Frozen set, but if you use Ice on one of your weapons, you can use Frostbitten Elemental Crit Damage to help boost damage, or just use all Fire Element and use Blistering instead. going all Fire will make best use of Inferno on your Pet. this my best advice from some of the Crafting I have done with some of my Builds. :blush:

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Tnx man :facepunch:

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If i remove all ED+ methinks i won’t lose so much DMG.So i can add AS to the wp then can add Block,2xCB,GF and natures can be Luck.ED%/CDR be AS.Maybe i might change Alchemy too with Energy but i’m not sure about it.So i’ll spam WB i don’t think so Energy can be enough for it :thinking:

you can only have 1 Resource Mythic at a time. Blood Magic Set is considered a Resource just like Blood Magic Mythic. I was just reading a Thread on Damage Calculations, and ED+ is good for PVP, but there are better ways to increase damage in PVE. when it comes to Farm Builds, you have less space for Attack and Defense because of the slots taken up for Farming. I am in the process of building a Farm Build from the ground up, but short on Crystals, so have to use the old one to get loot for the new one…my head hurts thinking about it.

I know, i thought and decided to make Rouge Hireling.Cuz i can’t fill in the all blanks at the same time lmao.I’m working on it.

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Finally did:

Warrior Main

ECD%,Wp DMG%,Wp DMG+,ED%[L],DS%[C]
Horn(with Taunt):Frozen
ED%[L],ECD%,Block%[C],ID%,Crit DMG%[E]
Nadroji+,Brutal,Crit C%[C],ECD%,ID%
ECD%,Crit DMG%[C],Harmony,Elemental Crit%,ID%
+2 AS,Sanctuary,ECD%,CB%[C],IR
Dodge%,Crit DMG%,Block%,Crit Chance%,DS%

6 Death Natures

Rouge Hireling

Eternal Fate’s Travesty:
ECD%,AS%,Wp DMG%,Wp DMG+,Elemental Crit%,+4 EAC
Bomb(with Stealth):Frozen
Ring:Faun’s Gifts
Crit Chance%[L],Crit DMG%[E],+2 AS,Fury,+2 MA
Crit DMG%[C],ECD%,ID%,+2 MA,Elixir
Pet:Satyr’s Spirit
GF%,Luck%,Crit DMG%,AS%,Dodge%

2 Haste,2 Death,2 Strength Natures

I made for Wiz too but u should be main and u can farm faster with Warrior cuz gonna spam Charge regularly so i think this is good.

your Warrior Nadroji Chest can’t have Brutal. Nadroji Set, Nadroji Bonus, and ED% (Legend - Red) are 3 spaces. the way I got around this was take off the Nadroji Set, and use Nadroji Ring and Necklace to activate the Bonus. if you really want to keep Epiphany on the Ring, then you can’t have Brutal, unless you either don’t want the Nadroji Bonus (easier to delete the Set affix than the Set Bonus) or don’t want the Legend ED%. all the rest of it looks really good.

Actually yes u are right my brain full of the build ideas so i’ve just added it there automatically :sweat_smile:

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haha, when I had a Nadroji Hat, I didn’t realize I needed 2 Nadroji items to activate the Bonus. I had to get a Nadroji Necklace to fix the problem, as I had taken the Nadroji Set off of the Hat. when I did another build, I wanted the Nadroji Chest instead, because of the ED%, but then I realized I would have a problem with getting Brutal. it was either give up on having Brutal, or give up on having something like Demonic on my Necklace. crafting can be frustrating when the items are not helping.

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I think everything is notr.No problem for me :yum:

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