Can someone post the list of affixes when applying ruby

This site will help you a lot :smile:

Ruby affixes:
These are from wiki and from my own knowledge.

Summon dmg, Summon HP, Summon fury, storm proc, twister proc, orb proc, coat proc, sprint proc, bomb proc, Elemncrit (means blight, blistering, frostbiting, etc), meteor proc, earthshatter proc, glasscannon, explosive, multi attack, item drops, summon haste, perseverance, move speed, reflect DMG,Elemental critical, AoE Range, Resource Cost, Ignore resist, EXP gain, frozen resist, blind resist, fear resist, taunt resist, timewarp proc, torrent proc, throwsword proc, stealth proc, taunt proc, shieldwall proc, blinkstrike proc, sentry proc, All Champion, All Berserker, All Defender, All Elementalist, All Spiritmancer, All Archmage, All Ranger, All pirates and All Assassin.

Affixes not obtained from ruby and only found on legends:

ED%, WD%, Push the Limit, Barbarian , Clearcast, Specialist, Mirrorcast, All sets, All skills, All talents, All Healing, Arc Dodge, MP absorb , Killswitch, Balance, Armour, 5+ Intelligence, 5+ Fortune, 5+ Dexterity, 5+ Strength, Dmg to Elites, In control, Control duration, Mythology, Slow projectile, pickup Radius, Regeneration, and the legend map affixes.


This is really helpful, I wish it was a bit easier to find!

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Also look at…


This is really helpful, I wish I saw it the first time I read that post! :wink:


I started bookmarking some of the more informative posts so I can check them out without having to find them again, and it makes it easier to share them when they are in my bookmarks.