Scooty Gift: Anti-Immortal Craft


@Mr_Scooty is Sureshot Mythic way better than Skilled Mythic or not?



For this specific craft – no but I did not test it. From my Point of View, once HP is displaced, no more deadly strikes and you cannot stun before the first strike, therefore you would not benefit from elemental critical damage on the first strike. I wouldn’t rule it out as a possible chest mythic but you would lose valuable affixes from the craft above trying to max out your critical damage.

Skilled mythic gives 50% continuous damage for primary skill barrage.


barrage build with unli mana. possible or not?


You don’t used any Resource Mythic. Why is that?


@kiane_zaine I won’t say unlimited mana but try using Fury Mythic. You will build your MP while attacking since barrage is a primary skill.


thanks for this info Mr_Scooty i have learned a lot what you have posted in forum…


Well this is really helpful agains those immortal build. Thanks @Mr_Scooty :wink:


My snowman uses barrage and has no hp but it works :slight_smile:


:star_struck: :heart_eyes: Awesome!!! I’ll try this Build! Thanks for this Mr_scooty :kissing_closed_eyes:



Frosty has a high APS rate, considering lower Power than Strawberry. half the Power, but from 3x to 10x the damage dealt. interesting combination. or does Strawberry die early while Frosty gets revenge giving the enemy an Icy Death?


No strawberry is rock hard. Frosty is highly fragile but extreemly destructive. Strawberry is highly dangerous. I use her to creep around and pick off opponents. Shes unusual in that she has no set style. If chakrams dont work i try pistols. If they dont work then its scalp or traps. All the time storm , furies and and overload and nova proc. Strawberry is miss versatility and she can do insane damage. Shes not finished :slight_smile: The higher her opponents hp is the higher her damage.





Tougher fight


Nice present


2v2 mythic with farmer hireling



@dickwad keep pushing forward to Div 1. you can do it. :+1:


Look who i ran into on the league