Scooty Gift: Anti-Immortal Craft

Mr. Scooty

1. Anti-Immortal Build Release Disclaimer

Since I released the Immortal craft in March 2018, there has been an influx of Immortal crafts into the arena. Based on my observations, the Immortals need a strong counter build. It isn’t a lot of fun for some players to have to play 10+ rounds before getting their first defeat. I had strongly considered requesting a nerf to the Immortal build but decided this is the better method. Every round takes 30 seconds, which can make some matches take up around 5+ minutes for each match. The craft below can defeat Immortal and Blood magic builds within 3 to 4 seconds of gameplay. :smiling_imp::dizzy_face::muscle:

2. History

The first barrage theory craft was @luisfsk and the first Anti-Immortal Barrage Craft was created by @ZARAKI. The one I am providing below is a concoction of various tests to achieve Anti-Immortal Craft capability.

3. Mathematics Behind Anti-Immortal Build

3.1 Power and Speed

The entire focus of this build is to place as much damage onto your opponent as quickly as possible. This is one method that works - there are many other ways you can improve this craft.

3.2 Sets

Cosmic Power set: Increases damage of projectiles that pass through the Time warp (OH Secondary) for 12.5%x3 or an increase of 37.5%. Increases MP by 25%/rank or 75% increase to MP.

Demonic set: Reduces healing by 6%/ rank or reduced by 18% (FOCUS) for five seconds and increases damage by 20%/rank when enemy below 25% HP or 60% more damage. :muscle::muscle::muscle::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Electrified set: Major point for this set is you gain 5%/rank to paralyze (Elemental Critical Chance) or 15%. Using Shock Wave ring with Electrified Bonus, you gain 30% increased damage to stunned opponents (75%x40% for one set in PvP).

Angelic set: Gain 5%/rank damage and APS increase for Skills with Cool downs less than 1 second. This gives 15% increase to damage and APS boost.

Aether Drain set: Focal point for this set is you gain 5%/rank to paralyze using Shock (Elemental Critical Chance) or 15%. Gain increase to MP by 25%/rank or 75%.

Defiant Set: Only gain is 25% in damage from this set.

3.3 Epic Skill Points

Epic Skills:
Barrage Increases damage by 5% per point. This craft has 19 points in barrage skill or 95% damage (5%x19). You also gain 2.5%x19 or 47.5% increase in APS. In addition, you gain 3%x19 or 57% increase in projectile speed and 1%x19 or 19% reduced resource cost. Barrage is straight to opponent / seeking.

Timewarp Increases damage by 5% per point. This craft has 7 points in timewarp skill or 35% damage (5%x7). You also gain 1%x7 or 7% increase in Spell Size. In addition, you gain 2.5%x7 or 17.5% increase in projectile speed and 1%x7 or 7% Spell Duration.

3.4 Dependent Bonuses

BONUSES: These are huge for the two Dependent affixes. Epiphany bonus gives 20% damage increase and Electrified Bonus gives 30% damage increase to stunned opponents (Elemental critical - posted build has additional 81.3% damage during stun). :muscle::muscle::muscle:

3.5 Legend Affixes

Multi attack: Gives 50% damage to MH attacks

Damage to Elites: Gives additional damage to players 17.4% more in craft posted.

Glass Canon: Gives Max 18% per legend affix increase in damage. Arena cap is 100% Glass Canon. This affix reduces your HP but we do not need any HP for this craft. Empower talent is similar in that it gives 2.5% per talent point (this build has 7 Empower or 17.5% increase in power).

Push The Limit: Gives Max 18% per legend affix increase in damage. Arena cap is 100% PTL but this increases the cost of spells by requisite PTL percentage.


Range: Range from this craft is approximately 60 yards or 60% of the arena.

3.7 Stat Point Investment

All Stat in Power

4.0 Damage Reduction

None - Isn’t it great? You kill or get killed in 3 seconds.

5.0 How to use

At start of each match, turn character around to face opponent, press Timewarp followed by holding down Barrage (press trophy silence/root/slow when your opponent comes into view). You will need to be fast vs some players. Some players camp and you just walk to half of arena and hit with barrage. You might have to slightly move out of the way when the torrents from CV start getting close but the match was generally over by the time they spawned. It took me a bunch of matches to figure out the timing. I also threw 19 matches trying to get the chemistry right for this build.

5.1 Artificial Intelligence Controls/Settings

AI Controls Might need to experiment some but this works.

6.0 Build Reveal: Good grief he really made me read this far to find out. :scream::dizzy_face::roll_eyes:

Main hand

Nature: Haste ASP 1.5%


Nature: Haste ASP 1.5%


Note: this set should be on the ring but I was testing numerous combinations today and I decided to leave it this way. You can have Demonic set on chest instead of Electrified.

Nature: Haste ASP 1.5%


Note: Epiphany bonus gives 20% increase to damage with 28% Attack Speed (22% cyan plus 4 Haste natures or 28%)

Nature: Haste ASP 1.5%


Note: Bonus increases Damage to stunned opponents by 30%. Electrified set should be on this gear but I was testing numerous combinations today and I decided to leave it this way.

Nature: Death (Critical Chance 2.5%)


Nature: Death (Critical Chance 2.5%)



Note: AR Pierce and Purge are vital vs Immortal / HDR builds!!! :eyes:



@Mr_Scooty WOW! :scream: another new build. barrage build. :scream:


Yes, you will notice that most of the matches are over within 1-3 seconds if you count the start Time when damage begins in the matches above. That’s a much better investment time than playing 5 minutes for one match. In five minutes, you could play 25-30 matches using this craft.

This should help level the playing field.


@Mr_Scooty most of barrage build has small amount of HP. make sure you have plenty of mana. enemies will wait til your mana runs out then they will attack you.

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Very true but this one is for playing. It can be used for AI or you can place in another build after you make a quick run in the arena. It’s likely you could invest half stat into MP in order to avoid this possible outcome.


Mr_Scooty cant wait to face your new build. anyway, thanks again for contributing another build from you. :eyes: see you in arena. :+1:


I didn’t leave it in the arena. I removed him after the testing so I could write the thread. My primary intent is to give full counter to Immortal and Bloodmagic builds. It took about 1 second to defeat the two immortal builds above and about 2 to 3 seconds to defeat Bloodmagic builds.

I’m certain the developer would prefer my analysis on DQ2 but I couldn’t allow Immortal craft to ruin DQ.


@Mr_Scooty Immortal Builds can easily defeat if you have the right build. i dun’ wanna mention their names :joy: immortal builds, very hard to defeat at first. but when you figured out how to defeat em’ its easy. even they are cheating. :joy:

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I think 2multi attack is enough…extra attack is way better with regards to the dmg of extra barrage casted…so 2x multi attack is enough which is way better with 2x extra attack chance…:wink::muscle:

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Btw congrats for having a new build.

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I tried 4 extra attack on my pistol rogue but you end up loosing other strengths . I agee 2 is enough on a tight build

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:star_struck: :star_struck: nice build master scooty


Thank you @auzlef011

Have you tested only 1 Multi Attack? If the build only requires 1 Multi Attack legend affix, then you can add 1 Flat MP and will not run the risk of getting low on Mana. I am certain there are numerous ways to improve what I posted.

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Thank you @flasher13

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I will have to do a test one day using one less Multi Attack in order to confirm your suspicions. If you’re correct, then one affix will be freed up which could go towards Flat MP.


I just think more is less and less is more :neutral_face:


OMG! You really release it. That barrage build is quite similar to my barrage sir! Looks like my barrage is half naked now​:rofl::rofl:

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@auzlef011 yea your right bro. 1 multi atk is enough. But extra atk for dps is kinda old school for me. As for me. I will add 1elem crit dmg and 1paralize and i will remove that empower +10. Coz when i craft my build barrage i dont much focus on how many projectiles they release. I must focus on dmg. Elem crts coz elem crits is the best partner for shockwave ring. Coz crits and high dmg is the best way to Slain an hdr/immo user.

That is the highest dmg ive got. On practice mode. And i can manage to kill an hdr/immo users in a sec.:ok_hand:


I dont know how long my barrage is. But im a bit amaze that i can reach this one.:ok_hand:



6.0 Build Reveal: Good grief he really made me read this far to find out. :scream::dizzy_face::roll_eyes:

like this very much.

thanks for releasing the Immortal Build Reveal and the Anti-Immortal Craft Reveal. I bet the next step is the Immortal/Anti-Immortal Hybrid Build.

I now have a better understanding of Barrage Builds and why they are so annoying! that one fight had, umm 15-17 Barrage hits in 1 second, so terrifying!