Scooty Gift: Anti-Immortal Craft


Apart my Dickwad character all my toons are named after songs recorded by the beatles. So we have Polythene-Pam , Mr Moonlight, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane (who is yet to be built). Frosty the Snowman is an exception. Its a christmas song .


You are very welcome!!

I have been conducting tests on this build.

Round 1 DPS Test Dummy

Round 1 Stat vs Dummy


that Test Dummy is no dummy. more useful than I thought.


The test dummy is the real MVP of PvP. :+1:


WHAT THE?!:flushed::flushed::flushed: speechless


Yes. If you are crafting an burst dmg like barrage or any burst build. Test dummy is the best of all!:ok_hand:


@Mr_Scooty, @FairyTail also… sometimes the Test Dummy act weird. :joy: it can hurt/dmg you sometimes for some reason. :joy_cat:


It was on the talent wrath??


I think the test dummy just spawns with any affix. I suspect those affixes include legend etc. So a random dummy could be your nemesis.


Awesome build. Congratulations on the effort of the build and the concerns about the immortal build.


@Mr_Scooty why is it that the electrified bonus is effective in arena even if you only have 1 electrified set affix? :thinking:


@Kirby because it is. @Mr_Scooty told me this months ago and i tested it and it works. Now if a set bonus requires 3 set items you need 2. Dont forget a set can include a legend pet. Now if you use deadly sins you need 5 or 6 if i remember… im sure theres a build about it on here somewhere lol



I think my last character will have to be an anti immortal. Imagine 2v2 with one immortal and 1 anti :fearful:


Thanks @Golem Didnt saw that tread earlier :hugs:


@Kirby1 i like your avatar. Remings me of Dr Who opening visuals


no problem, I have read a lot of Posts and Threads. sometimes, when you finish reading a Thread, there are 5 Suggested Topics at the bottom of the page. sometimes one looks good and I read it. somehow, I have read so many Threads, that it takes a long time for one I haven’t read to pop up. lately, I have come across some of the older Posts in my Searches for info of DQ. some of them aren’t relevant anymore because of all the updates and patches, but there are still some nuggets of gold to be found.



Definitely go for Anti-Immortal. You can kill Immortal, Storm Rogue and Blood magic builds in about one second. I dropped one of the Legend Multi Attack affixes, hence the drop in power but still as strong.

Storm Rogue


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Blood Magic Build

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5


Anti immortal it is then. Thanks Mr_Scooty. Im going to have to rethink a wizard build. Rogues wont work


Frosty the snow man is my chosen experiment. His defence and health is awefull. His damage is awesome ( about the same as your summons @Mr_Scooty ) . Lots to think about.