Scooty Gift: Anti-Immortal Craft


Thank you for your reply but I think brang’s was right. I just asked why Scooty got Electrified Bonus with just a ring. And yeah, the requirement is halved.


Ahaha, i used it build 1+ year ago, but i got ban for upload/download characters xD
It not your build…


@gruvka good to see you again. hope you can make a come back in the Arena. I have been moping around division 8 lately. I have a PVP Character, but haven’t really made a good PVP Build for it yet. all the wins I get with it end up getting taken away when my A.I. loses them all. :confused: & :confounded:


Hi, I am also glad to meet) I have a second account, I still farm the crystals and the code;) I think if I want, I will return to the arena without problems, a matter of time and resources xD I was banned from my account, but not my knowledge, all the builds that I used then with me now)


My favorite’ (immortal build) thank you very much @Mr_Scooty to gift your build everyone . My build most likely with your gift. Hehehe thank idol. :slight_smile:


It’s definitely a great build


You’re very welcome @Itsmercy


Got killed by @CuzegSpiked in the arena. How very rude ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@CuzegSpiked being the Gatekeeper lol

What Division are you now @dickwad?

I’m going to be starting my 6th Ascension in a couple days and will then start pvping more. (after I finish it and can make myth gear etc) Right now I don’t have time and am stuck in Eternal D6 and D7.

Once I switched my Wizard to ice I’m 47-2 in Division 6 and 7 but then while I’m ascending my AI gets beat down and loses all the spots to Div8 lol. Then I get it back up, thenose all my spots. Rinse and repeat lol

I PvP with all Eternal gear and half farm and half good gear so it’s about what I would expect though. I’ve only ever won 6 AI battles total. My AI is sooooo bad


@dickwad has got gud, now you have to get great to beat @CuzegSpiked! :muscle: :facepunch: :crossed_swords:.

@Haunt I think Eternal League is getting busier, my A.I. has been giving me Chests a little more often lately. even though the Build really sucks. oh yeah, and that is why I just dropped down to Mythic League! :sob:


Oh no, @Golem.We are unwittingly having a race to the bottom with our AI’s, we’re going the wrong way bro!

We need to pay off the dev to let us peek at @Mr_Scooty AI and learn how to do it right :rofl:


Do we get a special reward if we beat @CuzegSpiked


@Haunt I m eternal division 4 on a good day :grinning: