Scooty Gift: Anti-Immortal Craft


Anofher trick i sadly learned too late. If you drop an eternal item with 50 % quality then test it in the arena before converting :cry:


Frosty is my anti immortal weapon. An immortal and anti hybrid.


Doesn’t use the timewarp trick but I may have to test it on him :smiling_imp:


I believe all Eternal items drop with +50% Item Quality. it’s getting them to drop with max affixes that is the difficult part.


@Golem i have both characters using terror amulets for fear proc but spreading apart in AI. So both are procing fear which disrupts the opponents AI. As
The frightening choker gives all set requirements I have removed elixir stones and added zeniths.


haven’t worked with those yet (Frightening Chokers) but they look interesting. want to work on other things first. so many ideas in my small brain.


Frightening choker allows you double cast certain attacks with a cooldown over 5 seconds. Works great with chakrams and scalp :blush::blush:


@dickwad keep pushing. dont go with Procs. concentrate and invest more DMG/Power.


go go go and push push push!!!


A taste of “Bad Wolf” . 6th and last character. almost finished. Here’s a teaser.


Looking good @dickwad :+1:


Thank you kind sir.


@dickwad I am very interested in your stats with the new MH and don’t forget the sadism set!! Test out Exposed chest mythic using throw sword or Scalp - sureshot mythic is going to be good for one hit when enemy at full HP.


I’m solo farming enslavers on floors 200 with 1012 luck and eternalised set (6). Saving legend maps etc to convert to 400 plus. Then do them with an hireling. I’m pet hunting :sunglasses: