Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


The gears, toons and settings you exit from your last played match in 2v2 will be what your opponent faces.


Ahhhhh… that explains a lot about why I get no chests some days and lots other days. It’s my last team pairing :slight_smile:


I’m creating a blink strike vaulting rouge. I’m being brave and maxing dexterity, intelligence and strength on gears ( the thought scares me ). Will try it


@dickwad You could craft a discordance blinkstrike (dagger MH) . She could have 4 procs (storm, meteor, shield wall and taunt or twister). You could use permafrost bonus from icicle crown… ice element with this technique would be sweet.

This would also be good with 6+ Flat ED, 6+ Flat HP, 2x Multi attk, 2x elemental critical damage 1 = 28% PvP when opponent frozen. Coat weapon should work to activate elemental critical chance but you might need one elemental critical chance vs flawless trophy. Sets = identity, plagued, maelstrom, permafrost, vamp touch, + 2 sets of your choosing… combine this with a vial for OH and use coat weapon (use plagued storm bonus gear also - necrotic grimoire I believe). Earthquake or Cosmic Orb mythic on MH. Exposed, Ruptured or Sureshot mythic on chest. You can use shatter for OH special if you need to escape or you can add Shield wall but CD on it is huge. Scalp on OH would be great also with Ruptured mythic plus vamp touch. Use bloodless trophy with this craft. Lots of fun possible ideas.

Sorry for my rambling but you get my mind thinking about possible builds that could be fun to make.


Wow :slight_smile:


Cheers @Mr_Scooty. Lots of ideas for me to read on my hour long journey to work tommorrow.


Now permafrost bonus requires two permafrost items equipped. Fortunately I have the pet


Only one for PvP.


Now that is nice to know… just tested it. Wow the bonus activates :blush:Now that is a game changer


@dickwad, @Mr_Scooty posted this earlier in the thread: location 42 :arrow_up: PvP Set Bonus Activation Details.


@Golem you remind me of a school teacher :fearful:


@Mr_Scooty . My brain is really racing with builds . Dropped a plagued pet. Sets in considertion for my deadly seven are permafrost, plagued, druidic, equality, defiant, mayhem and maelstrom


I’m backing away from sadism etc for minion damage because they gain bonuses elsewhere. I’m sticking to apocalypse. Maybe my my downfall. But i’m enjoying it :slight_smile:


Now off class skills… scalp rocks. Hard to control with AI.


@dickwad actually, I was trying to drag that post from the Search Bar into my reply, but it said it was already in the Thread, so I looked for where it was at, and now, somehow, I am a Teacher of DQ Posting. :mortar_board: it took me some time to find it :mag:, as there are a lot of replies and posts in this Thread now. you just need to read more of the Forums, that’s all. :smirk_cat:


Playing around with sets and sacrificing set bonuses around an eternal mayhem armour. Sets are permafrost, equality, terrashapper, vampiric touch, plagued and druidic. Mythics harmony and alchemy and ???


@Indy Enigma Wand example


I understand that Mr. SCOOTY but enigma is for offhand,

Energy can be used on any piece of equipment.


After looking at the pics you linked i see what you’re saying.

Its a weird bug.

It made me think that those others were cheating, but if it happens to your equipment too then i know you are legit.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.


I need to find a warriors eternal sankara band so I can jasper it to a wizard for 20 strength and 10 to spiritmancer