Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


You can spiritmancer talents up to level 50 using spiritmancer set affix, 5 all spiritmancer etc .


skull shield on OH does OH damage, I believe if it is from the Talent, it does MH damage, but can still be boosted by using Hero points if you are a Mage, or + All Skills if not, and +10 Epic skull shield on item, or+10 skull shield on pet either way.


Yep. I have a pet with 10 skullshield, reclaim, reclaim, necrotic etc


@dickwad hmm, overkill for a Spiritmancer Summon Build. :ghost: :crossed_swords: :ghost: = :skull_crossbones:
but then, overkill is a Spiritmancers specialty. :smiling_imp:


I’m inclined to agree. Tested it. Not very convinced it works. Scrapped the idea pvp


the hit on affix values in the Arena can be kind of tough to work around with some builds crafts.


@kiane_zaine fought pomboy again tonight. It’s genius . A truly pacifist build that makes you want to forfiet the game the moment you see the name. I’m actually gobsmacked




Yeah he’s very hard to kill. Never attacks. With time you will kill him. But you actually get to feel like forfeiting the match because it’s quicker. He gets the opponent to give in by doing nothing. Eternal division 4 1v1


It’s stunning :slight_smile: You kill yourself. I’m impressed




To my DQ friends. Enjoy.

No Leaf Clover



everytime i face him on arena… its like…


:cry: oh hello… I got @Pomboy again today. Lol


What makes it worse is that you get no points after slogging it out for ten minutes. The immortal build does finally win due the increasing power every round. Otherwise you could be slogging it out till next Xmas


I wish I knew the build. 2v2 pvp would be funny. The hireling from hell


I have fought some of those builds, just have to stay away from their damage long enough for your damage to get past their damage reduction and healing. just takes a lot of work. but 10 minutes does take some getting used to…


Dropped a legend plagued pet . Trying it out on my wizard due to its hp and armour boosts


I have a question about 2v2 pvp. When a live player is matched in battle with your offline toons are the toons selected randomly from your character list?