Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


@dickwad Permafrost ftw. :ok_hand:




Look out for frosty the snowman in the arena he’s my proc based immortal


Well that sounds fun the A.I battle against me. Well good job for winning.



@dickwad what happened to your apocalypse toons?


@kiane_zaine I gave them name changes


This is my immortal build in development. Changed his name from apocalypse lucas to dickwad. He uses scalp , storm and skullshield.


Got a better body armour but I need to amethyst it till I get ascendant affix


I’m changing alchemy mythic to blood magic mythic for item swap and am going to get a rogue eternal equality band with storm proc and jasper to wizard


ha alguma coisa a atualizar da construção ?


this post is a guide. you could build your character the same way or use it to get your own ideas. until there is a big update by the developers, you can continue to use this post as a guide for your own builds. the most recent big update was Patch 3.0, all the other updates since then were small fixes for Patch 3.0.


@Geheimnis try making the build as @Mr_Scooty describes. Test it. Then play around with it. There are certain things you can change but with sacrifices.


I have a wizard that follows the build closely with high regeneration, armour, health points etc and another that replaces armour and health with critical affixes and procs. The latter does a great deal of damage but dies quicker than the first which acts as a tank. I use the weakest survivor as my main in 2 player in pvp



Still experimenting :slight_smile:


Tried using an eternal disaster carprice armour instead. Far better. Storm procs constantly while scalping. Torrent and twister cover the unprotected areas between me and my opponent. With the ring I have a guaranteed storm. Now my frosty the snowman build has no armour and hp but all criticals. Very similar builds but one uses scalp and and the other uses skulldraga. Nice complimentary builds on 2v2 pvp. It takes some doing to get set bonuses activating on both characters. But I’ve managed


Summoner so are so underrated that I’m determined to try for div one eternal


I have used Minions in Arena, but it really takes a good understanding of the build, and Summon Builds are my weakness at the moment. :ghost: + :crossed_swords: = :face_with_head_bandage:


It’s all about the talents on items . :slight_smile: