Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


yeah. I get focused on other types of builds. Summon type builds are a lot like Reflect Damage builds. thought, patience, testing. do it wrong, and you end up with a build that doesn’t meet expectations. I have read a lot about what can make a Summon build do well, but my focus for a good build to work on is still Reflect Damage. I still get ideas for tweaking to make a better one, and eventually I’ll post the things I have learned. everyone wants a great RD build, but they sure are hard to make well. and I have noticed that each class has different ways to make RD builds, so I need to look into that as well. of course, there is then getting that good Reflect Damage and Minion types of Builds to take over the Eternal League.


I’m awaiting your first build. One question you need to ask is reclaim or recall as a talent ?


depends on what you want the build to do and how much space you have. if you go with Reclaim, you need to put points into Skullshield while putting points and/or affixes into the Summoned Minions to power them up. with Recall, the focus is on getting even more Minions faster, even when you are busy with other spells to stay alive, and it saves on putting points into Skullshield. I have been coming across a number of players who have Purge on their Trinket, and it keeps purging Skullshield. and my Minions are very weak, so they die faster then I would like them to. very frustrating when I haven’t spent time working on a PVP build. of course, having only Epic affixes on my Wizard at the moment isn’t helping all that much, but sure is fun to use when I am directing the battle in the Arena. :laughing:


I would go recall. Reclaim isn’t that good. Recall seems a lot more reliable. And as you know @Golem I’ve tested spiritmancer talents to death


I tried maxing reclaim to counter purged skullshield. Never really worked enough to be viable


Purge is the bane of Skullshield. an Eternal Trinket with Purge boosted by Gladiator Set is scary.


I finally dropped an eternal trophy with silence tonight. Put it on my pvp hireling.
Artificial intelligence does have its uses


Back to recall. Just stick the talent onto an item and it happens .
Then forget about it.


@dickwad :laughing: myself to death. no time to forget while dodging spells when my own spells get Purged! R.I.P. :ghost:


Procs don’t seem to get purged :smiling_imp:


guess there is a difference between Procs and Talents. but I think Skullshield is weird about that. it gets Purged when I use it as a Skill or Reclaim. :slightly_frowning_face: I really need to work on my PVP gears. :frowning_face:


Procs cannot be silenced either :slight_smile:


yes they can, sort of. if you get silenced and can’t cast spells, you can’t cast Procs, or can you?



@Golem i dont understand. i have Bloodless Victory trophy with Purge on it. it seems that doesn’t effect on my Enemy with Skullshield on arena. but back in the days, when im using my wiz with skullshield always purged and disappear. LOL. whats the matter? :joy:


i also know you can’t, if my memory serves me right


the higher the Purge, the more I end up having to recast Skullshield. see Purge above my Toon and the Skulls all go bye, bye. my builds need more work to take advantage of using Skullshield.


I actually dropped an eternal silence trophy 48 hours ago. It’s a godsend


those Trinket Talents, you almost have to build around them. my timing in using them when I am in the Arena is still bad. I like using Silence, but it lasts 2 seconds.


I put it on my hireling. He has better timing