Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal

In a way it’s a bit like deadly sins build. Limited options but wow☺


I can see why mythics etc are not allowed in the deadly sins. Now that would be crazy

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it’s all about trade offs. what will work the way I want it to work and get me wins too. 0 Mythics vs. 6 Mythics, 0 Sets vs. 8 Sets (including Gladiator on the Trinket). so many combinations! :eyes:

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What @tdaniel meant to say was, “Nerf inbound!”


Nice anti-weaken type,nice ending :rose:


How to obtain 3 Strength in PvP

In order to obtain 3 Strength in PvP without constantly going and fighting, just craft a gear with Legend Strength (crimson blade, crimson cover, crimson battle gear, etc). Then follow my instructions below.

  1. Make certain you have a blank set of all other gears (no affixes on all gears, including pet. The trophy does not matter). For every gear you need to obtain 3 Strength, you need to make certain other gears are blanked / kyanite - do not do quartz on the gear you want to craft because it makes it very difficult to obtain Max stats in the gear.


You want to craft the 3 Strength on the MH in my example above. Use Dust and go to the Legendex / Wizard and craft the Crimson Blade (Wiz Battlemage Sword). Kyanite all affixes except Legend Strength. Make sure Legend Strength is 10. Important Note: Make sure to use Peridot if the item level is not maxed or you will get very frustrated.

1.1. MH will only have 1 affix 10 Strength
1.2. OH no affix
1.3. CH no affix
1.4. Helmet no affix
1.5. Ring no affix
1.6. Amulet no affix
1.7. Pet no affix (just get one of the typical pets dropped by enslaver and quartz)

I have a full set of quartzed gears (All 7 with no affixes) so I can craft any gear I want. After you craft 3 Strength on MH, you can begin crafting for the helmet, etc.

  1. Go to directly to the test dummy, after you roll a 10 Legend Strength, and end match immediately to check your HP. If you did not hit the expected result for 3 Strength then go back to PvE and use diamond until 10 strength. If you use diamond once and it stays 10 strength, go check at the test dummy. You will do this ad nauseum until you hit it.

  2. Make sure HP stat = 5 (no investment). Base HP in PvP is 1750. Invest nothing into stat points.

  3. Legend Strength (3) will give 3% more HP which means the new HP would become 1803. Legend Strength (2) yields 1785. This is vital because legend 3 Strength gives 1500 Armor {Legend Strength 2 only yields 1000 AR}.

  4. If you decide to keep the Battlemage set and try to roll 3 Strength, your HP with 3 Strength in PvP would become 1803x1.20 or 2164. This is expressed as 1750x1.03x1.20 = 2164 where, 1750 is base HP, 1.03 is 3% from Legend 3 Strength and 1.2 is Battlemage (1) or 20% HP/AR for Battlemage Rank 1. If you roll legend strength 2 then your HP would display as 1750x1.02x1.2 = 2142.

Gears from above in PvP



Bonus brain teaser


to think of all the hard work that went into all the testing, and thinking outside the box to come up with ideas to test, blows my mind away. to realize that the post above :arrow_up: is only a small part of all that went into making an Immortal Build… :astonished:. (my mind has gone blank and I have run out of words to express my thoughts).


Pretty much exactly as I thought it would be, thanks for the post.

@Some thoughts about this post:

  • I was playing arena on div 1-2 these days and almost anyone was using an alchemy build, so right now immortals are META builds, which I think is a direct response for increase of barrage builds too. IMO, my barrage idea is truly countered by these builds because it’s about DPS (a lot of little damage hits). I’ll need to rethink about barrage build on arena, because my AI just dropped below 1500 rating (where are my chests .cry) because everybody is using this build right now.
  • Several times my AI alone got top 1 on arena, but very few times I managed to get top 1 by myself with barrage build because of this immortal build. I’ve even feared playing arena just to avoid this build and losing rating. xd
  • This is one of favorite builds because it’s not designed for human playing, but for AI playing. Winning by active play is fun, but your AI winning alone is amazing. You can reach top 1 easily with any build, but if your AI is bad, you’ll be kicked out there in no time.
  • Burst damage sure counters this build, but burst-only builds aren’t worth, because they overall have extremely low survability, so it’s about who hits opponent first. They aren’t even necessary since you can beat an immortal build playing the same game as them: Stall rounds and over-scale them.
  • People talk excessively about sureshot mythic against this type of build, but what people doesn’t remember is the alchemy effects: If an alchemy build use a skill, HP or MP will be consumed, depending which is one has higher flat value atm. So, when HP > MP in these builds, once they charge (battle mage) at you they already lose HP, meaning sureshot won’t apply its effect.

This build is just amazing as it is that they are just jealous of it thinking one or two affixes/mythics will defeat this kind of build.

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Man, i was so close…


Got a cool idea for a summoner pvp looking at this. The summons will be the procs (with added critical bonuses from gear such as explosive). Main skullshield attack. Gameplay involves teleporting around like a maniac. Video of unfinished build coming up. You may like the video below @Golem @ObiWanKenobi @CuzegSpiked @Mr_Scooty . The summoner shall arise

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that was pretty cool, a Teleporting Skull Shield versus Meteor Mana Shield.

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These are the items I need to craft. Any suggestions?

A few easy things you can do with the craft you are trying to create below.

You can make all gears same element (ice, shock, fire Etc). If you’re staying with Inferno pet, try making all items with flat ED fire. You can also keep the elements the same as you have them.

Main hand = i like the apocalypse mythic concept. Emerald stone to increase quality and dmg. Use fluorite to max epic value after applying emeralds.

Offhand = change fester and red CD to 5K flat ED and 7500 HP. Emerald stone to increase quality and Damage.

Chest = You can gain significant damage with one of the options below in lieu of Alchemy. If you’re going to add + sets on ring and amulet, change the set affix to Sadism. You only need one druid to activate the HP Regen on your amulet.

Mythic Options

  1. Pick skilled if you want primary skills 50% more dmg
  2. Exposed for 50% more dmg to pierced enemy
  3. Ruptured if using scalp will give 50% more damage during bleed
  4. Sureshot 100% deadly strike against enemy at full HP

Helmet = Talents/Elixir stone can be changed to 7500 HP. If you use +sets on Ring and amulet, you will activate the permafrost regen bonus of 2K MP/sec.

Ring = You cannot have two Resource mythics. Blood Magic and Alchemy are resource mythics. You will want sets/elixir stone on your ring… Maybe think about Scoundrel set on ring Or Summoner.

Amulet = apply elixir stone for +sets, Make One Epic Affix 5K Flat ED Or 7500 HP

Pet = You can change out a couple of these To 5K Flat ED And 7500 HP.

What about your natures? Use beryl stone to change them. Maybe make all six death for 2.5%x6 = 15% additional crit chance on top of the base 10%. Or you can make them haste – lots of options. You can also do 3x death and 3x strength (75% crit dmg).


@dickwad I’m really confused about your ranking

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@LANCEDAGATAN I’m in mythic now. Apparently it was a glitch with an untruncated 1. Ahhhhh well it should said division 11 but only 1 appeared

Thank you very much mr scooty you are the most equalist person i have ever seen ı wish you become a World leaderthat wayworld become a better p lace good guy you are :wink:


@Mr_Scooty I have some questions : Which affixes can you cange/remove and have still an immortal build and which you really must have to be immortal ? And plagued on the pet, how did you get it ? didn’t you need tons of crystals to get it ? Because i thinkt that is really hard to get… and why istn’t that build good if you play online ? Why only in defence ? Makes it no fun or is it just bad ?
Btw. That you really much @Mr_Scooty for all that informations, you are a really good guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And you said , that you using another build for pvp mode(online) , Can i ask what build ? Or you don’t want to say it ?
Overall i have a pretty nice farm build, im on my 5th way to lvl 99 and i tried to copie your immortal build, i’m tanky yet but sill not immoeral, because i don’t have all that crystals to get all that armor O_o
In your opinion , could i finish my(your) build and have some fun in pvp ? i’m enternal league, but pretty at the start … Or should i do a real pvp build ? If yeah , can you give me some ideas how and what i need to make it ? Or maybe tell me your sexy build :wink:

Thank you in advance
GermanyPro :slight_smile:

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