Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal



  1. Question: Which affixes can you change/remove and have still an immortal build and which you really must have to be immortal ? Response: You want affixes that allow you high damage reduction 90% and up. You want alchemy mythic and permafrost or 3x Legend MP Absorb (drop only - 20% MP Absorb is 5.6% in PvP). MP Absorb cap IS 16%. You will want you HP ~30K, MP ~24K and power 450+. In order to obtain this keep in mind you have 7 gears with 6 affixes per gear or 42 affixes you can manipulate. I would recommend 5 to 7 Flat ED affixes, 4 Flat HP, 1 Flat MP, Sets x 2, 2 mythics (alchemy + chest mythic of your choice, 6 cyan defense affixes (combination of AR / Resist / Luck (Fauna), 3 Legend defense affixes (Armor, Strength, Intelligence), Gold Find (Satyr), 7 affixes for each unique set, 3 or 4 Endow MythStone on (chest, helmet, ring and amulet) OR 3 or 4 Epic Resist affixes. That would make your total investment = 33-35 affixes leaving 9-7 affixes to vary. You can also experiment with many variations on your OH special with Amber stone.

  2. Question: And plagued on the pet, how did you get it ? Response: Plagued pet is Legend pet drop from Enslaver. You can use Sapphire to change the epic affixes and fluorite to reroll them.

  3. Question: didn’t you need tons of crystals to get it ? Because i thinkt that is really hard to get… Response: The craft does not need a ton of crystals if you look closely. The crystals you need are obsidian for 6 affixes. My rule of thumb for obsidian is that I plan to have 10 Obsidian for every 1 Cyan affix I need. The legend affixes are from drop if you look at how I show you to obtain 3 Strength (only need small amount of dust for the gears you want a legend defense affix. The rest is Topaz (epic) and diamonds to reroll.

  4. Question: and why istn’t that build good if you play online ? Response: My build is very enjoyable to play online.

  5. Question: Why only in defence ? Makes it no fun or is it just bad ? Response: Understanding the dynamic between damage reduction + alchemy + 16% MP Absorb is why. For instamce, an enemy May have an initial hit on you that was going to be 100,000. Let’s pretend you created the craft from above… Now what happens? 100,000x0.16 or 16,000 fills up MP/HP because Permafrost / MP Absorb Ocuurs first in the damage mitigation process. That leaves you with 84,000 damage to go which gets reduced to 84,000x0.07371 or 6,192. Your MP/HP meter might slightly move but it would be a negligible change. This process creates a loop similar to fluid Dynamics until the damage becomes too high for the loop to counter.

  6. Question: And you said , that you using another build for pvp mode(online) , Can i ask what build ? Or you don’t want to say it ? Response: That’s my current craft. One of many variations. I will keep that to myself but I did share the current Offhand I am using above with the Energy Orb :smirk:

  7. For now, you can utilize epic AR 2500 (700 AR PvP) or if you go resistance route, use Epic Shock Resist 400 (112 Shock Resist PvP), Epic Gold Find 75% (23% PvP). This would be similar to Golems junior build from above.


PvP Set Bonus Activation Details:


PvP How to Precisely Calculate HP/MP


@Mr_Scooty Wow, that is a lot of information dude :wink: Really much thanks <3 But i have still some questions ^^ Btw. Im on phone at the moment so i can’t leave space and something ;( But how do i have to play ? First making some draws so the dmg is increased ? Or better just go in and spam all skills ? The second thing is i make it to 1600 ratin now , but now the enenys become much stronger … And every second enemy is using bleed, and that hurts very much ! Ik it is a counter but still what can i do versus these kinds if builds ?! Just ignore them? Ir maybe i even can’t do something vs them O_o The next point is : What is the difference between Armor and Resistance ? Whst does the one , and what does the other ? Are they good in combination ? … -> How many cyan armor abd ressistanse ? The maximum is 6 … And why you said 3,4 endow mythstones OR epic ressist. Why not and ? -> How much is the most dmg reduction ? -> in many screenshots from you (or Mandelbrot/ or someone else) there are about 4-8 mil dmg prevent and olny 300k or something dmg dealt (from enemy) How can so much be reached ? I have like 100k dmg prevent and the enemy deal about 30k dmg … -> Is it because i don’t have enought armor ? (or other dmg reduction) or why is it so low and other have that big dmg reduction? Still the question is why alchemy is so good and not ec. equivalence, because it gives 60% dmg reduction?! I really don’t know why alchemy is by far the best one O_o And if you want to have somebody you can talk to, about ec. your secret builds ;)))))) Or if you want to have a sidekick whom you can teach stuff and builds, i would be very happy about that :wink: Ty in advance and ty for your time bro Your GermanPro


PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


You can use Legend affix Perseverance to counter bleed If you are worried about that DoT. You can also use use Bloodless trophy for Clotting affix to lower bleed damage but you run the risk of critical strikes without Flawless trophy.

Take a look at the last several posts I made on calculating HP/MP and damage reduction for a better understanding of your questions. You can do some of the experiments in the calculations from the guides I have provided.


Okay, i surely will do, but can you still awnser my questions prease ? :heart_eyes:
Would be very nice


Dq2 must be imminent me thinks :smiling_imp:


@Mr_Scooty How did you manage to get at the energy orb that ‘‘Energy’’ to the item ? When i get mystic items they are named with skull or ring , amulet , etc. Is that the secret :wink: ?


No secret. Just a naming bug “Energy Orb” when I added enigma mythic to the legend item I used for the base build. Similar to Lederer Lance - when you add A Mythic to that legend gear, it can become “Enigma Lance” or “Cosmic Orb Lance.” Three examples below.

Warrior Lederer Lance Variations from builds I crafted over a year ago:

Enigma Wand

Cosmic Orb Wand

Enigma Wand


Ach okay :smiley:
Good to know ^^
But still, i think it’s another variant of your immortal build, there items, aren’t they ? Everythink is the same, only you have legend armot, not blue and gold find to incresa the set affix bonus with the armor of % Goldfind :smiley:
Am i right ? Or is that combination of armor and strength + spell sword and cosmicorb ore something just so good in pvp ?


The most important question is how you get the 18 skilldraga in your enternal divition amulet ? Normaly there is torrent


Jasper to other class and back to wizard…


The three items above have not been in my immortal build for almost a year. Let’s make the gold find discussion easier to understand since you noticed it on my prior gears…

From above, there is the following affixes;
Cyan Armor = 4x1700 = 6800
Legend 3 Strength = 3x1500 (Armor)
Epic Armor = 700
Endow Mythstone = 3x15% = 45%
Epic Armor % = 9% (add to Endow above for 9%+45% = 54%
Cyan gold find = 53%
Greed Nature = 25%x6 = 150%
Satyr = 1+ ((0.125x3)x(53%+150%)) = 1.76125 (Saytr set increases AR & MP based on GF)
Plagued = 1.75 (25%/rank to increase Armor & HP)
Battlemage = 1.6 (20%/rank to increase Armor & HP)
Wizard Gears = (75x3 + 90x1) = 315

Base Armor = 6800+4500+700+315 or 12,315 Flat armor

Now, what would be the damage reduction with the information above??

12,315x1.76125x1.75x1.6x1.54 = 88,060 Armor

Armor damage reduction in PvP
Armor/(Armor+(1000xEnemy Level))
Where Armor = 88,060
Enemy level = 20 in PvP

Therefore, 88,060/(88,060+(1000x20))
88,060/106,080 = 81.49% Damage Reduction from Armor

Now, Let’s try calculating with 2x Cyan gold find since you noticed I had it on my old MH examples from above plus change draga to epic Gold Find…

Change 1 Cyan Armor to Gold Find & change epic affix to Gold Find.

New base Armor based on changes:

Cyan = 3x1700 = 5100
Legend 3 Strength = 3x1500 = 4500
Epic Armor = 700
Endow Mythstone = 3x15% = 45%
Epic Armor % = 9% add to Endow above for 9%+45% = 54%
Cyan gold find = 53%+ 53%
Epic Gold Find = 23%
Greed Nature = 25%x6 = 150%
Satyr = 1+ ((0.125x3)x(53%+53%+23%+150%)) = 2.04625 (Saytr set increases AR based on GF)
Plagued = 1.75 (25%/rank to increase Armor)
Battlemage = 1.6 (20%/rank to increase Armor)
Wizard Gears = (75x3 + 90x1) = 315

Base Armor = 5100+4500+700+315 or 10,615

Now, what would be the damage reduction with the information above??

10,615x2.04625x1.75x1.6x1.54 = 93,661 Armor

Therefore, 93,661/(93,661+(1000x20))
93,661/113,661 = 82.4% Damage Reduction from Armor or a 1% increase in Armor damage reduction


Wow O_o Very nice explination :wink: I have copied 1 to 1 your immortal build , only the pet and the trophy i don’t have ;( I noticed in many games that i only reduce 75% to 90% and i think that is acctually very low ?! Only Plagued and the pet afiixes i still need ;-( And the pet is so rare man :smiley: The most i ever got was about 300k dmg reduction … And other guys have sometimes 8 million ?! How is that possible ?! How much dmg reduction was your most abd with what build ?


If you do not have plagued set that is a huge portion of your AR reduction. See below. The pet is rare because the legend pet population has been diluted with the slime pets. You can also use a Simba Imp pet that has the Satyr affix. That way you can use amethyst to add the set onto one of your gears… You can also use Shibe dog that has permafrost affix. Don’t try to focus only on obtaining each item I have listed.

You can easily have 8M reduced damage from the build above. This craft is similar to fluid dynamics… until your opponents single hit damage is close to your HP Value, you will stay alive.

I am not going to place all the info from the last post.

Summary Calculation from prior Post Modified
12,315x1.76125x1.6x1.54 = 53,444 Armor (Removed plagued set 1.75 factor)

Armor damage reduction in PvP
Armor/(Armor+(1000xEnemy Level))
Where Armor = 53,444
Enemy level = 20 in PvP

Therefore, 53,444/(53,444+(1000x20))
53,444/73,444 = 72.8% Damage Reduction from Armor


Only 34 enslavers and i get my first legend pet :smiley:
Hopefully the pet will be good :smile:

The last question is :
What do you mean with[quote=“Mr_Scooty, post:60, topic:22984”]
I am not going to place all the info from the last post.

And are the 82,4 % dmg reduction the maximum, or nearly the maximum ? Or can you get with other modifications more O_o ?


I didn’t want to repost how to derive how to calculate 12,315 again. See below what I did not post.

You can get more reduction but you need to consider having enough HP, MP, and damage.


that was the damage reduction % from his latest post that he was using as an example. in earlier parts of this post, he had gotten the reduction a little over 92% with the examples shown. as for not showing info from last post, he has already posted it, and didn’t want to post it again. I think I have read posts with higher damage reductions, but their damage is so low, that unless the other player has a bad PVP build, enough draws could end up in a loss. PVP is basically about taking less damage than the other player and doing more damage than the other player for the win.


Ach :blush:
That you for the information ^^
I will try to find a pet and then reck them all in pvp :stuck_out_tongue:
Someday i will be on div 1 , maybe maybe , and then i will face you all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
How is the best way to climb ? Or is there acctually a way ? I’ve got acctually div4-3 , what should i do now ? 40% immortal builds , 40% rogue storm builds and 10% bleed over 1000000000 dmg builds ;’(
Hard time for a noob like me