Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


I think you were just lucky that you dont face monstrous ai ,when you go to eternal league theres a lot of them.:sweat_smile:


AI doesn’t really give you much options. It’s the builds that where monstrous. I’ve had many a hard duel and many losses. But the enemy was the build


Nope. A great build with useless ai is still useless for me.:joy::joy: but in the other side i agree with you @dickwad we have different playstyles​:blush:


Yes :wink: Do me a favour. Change all your AI settings to the exact opposite. Play your characters for a few minutes. Any better ? I guess not


I took down a player with 500000 health tonight (don’t know he or she got them). But thats a monstrous build


More tests. I have already removed this build from the arena.


That build looks interisting​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This Is The BEAST That Once Walk In The Past On PvP, I Kill Her In The Past, But, He Keeps Coming Back, Hunting For Blood, Hunting For Chest’s, His Name KRAKEN!!!

This Song Remember This Goodly Warrior!!


I’m talking about 1x1 @dickwad , 2x2 is easy :wink:


Great song. Makes me want to take Kraken out for a test drive.


Last test for today. Yes, I have removed the Kraken from the arena.


@Mr_Scooty What did you use as resource system with you warrior build? :sweat_smile:


I have zero plans to release any info about my Kraken build. I developed the Kraken build over two years ago and have told no one about it. :zipper_mouth_face:

As far as resource system(s), ask yourself if a resource system mythic is actually necessary in the build(s) you want to craft.


Oh @ZOMBOY lol. I find 2v2 pvp harder. Been eternal 1v1 for about 6 weeks now


Nise meting you


What a powerful barrage😍


Cool story bro




I have a theory but I may be wrong. When you create a number of pvp characters on an account then some characteristics are shared . So repeating one build across all characters is counter productive.


What does the Kraken build do ?
I surely haven’t readet everythink , but i think it’s a high dmg with high redcution ^^