Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


Here are her items. Ignore the random affixes. Although all tips appreciated. I’m hoping to have a few more hybrids up soon


I like it :slightly_smiling_face:, but for OH is better vaunt instead of trap!


Okay will test it. Cheers @ZOMBOY


I know is very week but if you keep distance you are going to be ok! :ok_hand:
Is bad you lose hp first tho :neutral_face:, but like I said, keep distance and you are going to be ok!


Okay here is a vid of my warrior build uncrafted (including pet) so just bombard me with ideas for affixes :slight_smile:


First thing is to remove one permafrost the from armour in favour of another set as the pet activates the bonus… sense tells me go 10 all skills for procs damage etc… but… will try without first


Now the reason is that a 1ooo damage proc or a 5000 damage proc makes relatively minor difference to immortals. So think outside the box eh :smiling_imp:


High damage reduction (?) vs variant of my Kraken build. Cheers… I will see if I can resurrect my Kraken warrior. Yes, I have already removed that build for further testing.


The monster is Back!!!:100:


Lol! totally. why did you choose my ai to test your build. My HDR rouge is still in a test too and don’t have a good reduction to that… im so sorry to that. I think my rouge ai is on progress. And I’m focus to counter some another HDR too. not like that. I hope I face that ai someday…:grinning:
Here’s the footage of my battlelog when I use this HDR swap build…

Finding your ai? oh I’m sorry I’m so tired coz you got so very far MMR. I can’t face your ai…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: and my phone is lowbat too. its 1%.:joy: naghihingalo na po sya.:joy::laughing:


I find this…fighting…between Immortals and Titans to be…amusing, very amusing. Dilly, Dilly! continue to amuse me and I will continue to post amusing replies.


Owyea. Anyway thanks to @Mr_Scooty I’ve got a next target of build… I want to make a “kraken build” on my warrior. I think that kraken build is a better good to counter some hdr like 30k HP+.:grin:
Maybe 300k hp and decent reduction. 650+ power is enough I think??


the Arena is changing, and we players need to change with it, or end up stuck in Normal League until we learn our new lessons.


I’m working on my 6 immortal summon chimera hybrids as we speak @golem. As well as summons, procs and regen they like their opponents to bleed


Yeah. The divisions 3, 4 and others tend to consist of players who were in the last meta for e.g.


@CuzegSpiked lower eternal 1v1 divisions seem static that why I have time to mess around with builds without loosing rank. Must be abandoned players


Did you say bleed ?:smiling_imp:


I’m mythic div 2, i hope one day get to eternal league :joy:


Same here. 2v2 div one on a good day . Or div 3 on a bad @ZOMBOY :angry: