Season 2 starts 6/1/2016, new rewards to earn!


Season 1: Beta Season is finally coming to a close on 6/1, which means all team stats and rating will be reset for 1v1 and 2v2 modes.

Top 100 for each mode in Season 1 will be posted in the forums once the season ends.

A new patch will be available on 6/1 which will be required to participate in Season 2, which will offer the opportunity to earn new vanity rewards for reaching Eternal League:

If you have any questions about this reset and the new season, please let us know! :smile:

Still waiting for the new in dq!


does that mean the previous vanitites will be unavailable in the next patch? i’m talking about the assassin blades, champion seal and archmage standard vanities…


this is great ^^


Time to farm and think what would be the pvp set that I will be using in this patch.I really hope I can step to eternal league again.


The old vanities won’t be available during Season 2, but will likely come back during later seasons!


oh ok…i know this sounds stupid…but will there e a time when they will all be available or can be purchased or something?


Great question! We are hoping to get enough ready that we can have a way to reward players with new “special” pieces like this but we have not discussed selling them for real money or anything like that.

Something to think about at least, but for now we just want the players who can unlock them to be able to enjoy them.


ok. thanks and keep up the awesome work guys! MORE POWER to DQ woooohhh! just a bit hyped lol


hmmm i think the old ones for Warrior and Wizard is better and for the rouge must better to change tho cant see my little blades :older_man:


and also Lobby for PVP Room :kissing_closed_eyes:


whats the purpose of taking away our vanity :alien:
if u could just add more :couple:


So what about this statement?


that was made by me and was also made awhile back. When it comes to the features in each patch those can change depending on what we can and cannot support in battle arena.

If you already have those vanity items you will not be “losing them” however they will not unlock as you progress through season 2 of Battle Arena


I guess I should have been working on a PvP set rather than thinking I had all the time in the world :frowning:


They will come back around. We are trying to get into a rhythms of add new content more constantly and it is taking a bit of adjustment for us. Thanks for playing!!


How about an update that stops cheating or do a sweep more than once every three months.


I think we could prevent nearly 100% of the cheaters by moving to a server only solution for Dungeon Quest.
This would be an awful solution for any number of reasons.

Your feedback for cheater sweeps is fair, however the 3 month time frame is a bit drastic since we do it quite a bit more than that.

From the players perspective I can understand and appreciate the frustration this causes. No matter how many times we say “we are working on it”, the fact is 1 person cannot work fast enough to keep the player pool completely pristine.

Sorry it is not perfect, we try our best to make the game enjoyable for all players!


Does looking for cheaters require anything other than sweeping for incompatible item/affix combinations?


We have various ways to check for cheating, but it takes us manually doing some of them. It’s most efficient for us to do banwaves periodically than all the time.