Season 2 starts 6/1/2016, new rewards to earn!


That makes sense. Though, I’m curious - there was never any guidance given on the below thread, despite different opinions and the thread and Refia being tagged. Could you give any clarification on whether save-scumming and force-crashing the game are considered cheating, if no external tools are used?


Those are considered exploits. Doing so would be considered an unfair advantage over players who don’t exploit.

Crystal Crafting Restrictions

Good to have a clear statement on the matter!


Level will reset?


The levels you have attained will not be reset.


Will the same auras be available?


Yes arena level is what gives you auras and that will not be resetting and the auras will not be changing :smile:


will the season 3 vanity will be a gun for rouge? :blush:
season 1 = Blade
season 2 = Bow
season 3 = ???


I thought there are new items? Why is it not in the dictionary?


The new rewards are vanity items not legendaries this is why I hope that helps out :smile: :+1:


I’ve read the patch and it say’s that there are new legendary items?


Added new 45 legends items etc.


That sounds like 2.1’s patch notes. We’re 2.2+ now, and just released a new patch for the season 2 vanity rewards.


Are you in the google play store? Those are the patch notes for 2.1 which happened a while ago the only addition in this patch was the vanities and can be read in the “what’s new” green text box :smile:


Yah. I read it multiple times. My bad. Ahahah. The patch is just for the arena and the vanity items.


I don’t know if it is a bug, or what. But after two battles in arena, I already unlocked the new vanity items.


Yes there is currently a bug with getting the vanities we are of the suspicion that it’s caused by the game still thinking you’re in eternal league if you where at the end of the prior season so once you complete a match it’s like here you go have these vanities you’re in eternal right? :stuck_out_tongue: :smile: for now I guess it’s a nice little bonus for last seasons eternal players before the requirements for eternal league to unlock so that we can all rush it have been met :wink:


I see I see. Yes, I was on Eternal League, Division I, I think. (On and off Div. I) lol…
I have a question, but I think it is not appropriate to ask in this thread.
Anyway, thanks for the fast reply.


hi ser how to getr slot i dont have any card T_T


hi ser how to get extra character slot i dont have any card huhuhu…