Semi permastealth

Guys i have a semi permastealth new topuc i created, The Hailfrost of Arrows D. A Build and rate it if the permastealth is ok. I dont know to explain on my created build but you can see a couple of photos and a video…

Is this this ralated to the new DQ version?

It’s related to this version 2.4 to 2.5 or so. Since stealth cooldown is extended as well as the fact that stealth needs at least 50% dodge to be functional. PermaStealth nowadays needs 40 stealth and 60% reduced cd to get close to it or more as well as the easy dodge investment.

Although another way as @fudgenever10 done it is by using deadly arts and deadly strike so whenever you do use stealth even if sparingly, it’s always ready for you thanks to fast firing arrows and deadly strikes. Then the dodge for the stealth and 20 or so hero points in stealth.

Sorry i forgot to scrnnshot my Stats and Heroic points hahahaha.

ahahahaha funny me i thought its related to the next updated. hahaha XD