Set/affixes with the same effect

i have a question bout the effect of Execute dmg,Demonic set and electroduction set if im using electrical element
will the effects of the three stack up if used together?

yes, they all multiply damage when enemy Health is 25% or lower.

if you have 2 Legend Execute +100%, Demonic (5), and Electrocution (5) with +4 Legend Shock Debuff (gives you 8 total Shock DoT on enemies) you would have…

3x (Legend Execute) + 2x (Demonic Set) + 5x (Electrocution Set with 8 layers of Shock DoT on enemy) = 10x your damage when enemy HP is at 25% or lower.

Edit: thx @DuDono .
1 x (1 + 200%) x (1 + 100%) x (1 + 400%) =
1 x 3 x 2 x 5 = 30x damage when below 25% health with 8 Shock DoT’s.

the Legend Executes would all add together before being multiplied with the others.
Electrocution (5) with 8 shock DoT is +400% or 5x damage. with 4 shock DoT’s is +200% or 3x damage. and when you consider that 4 shock DoT is +50% damage, +100% damage with 8 shock DoT’s, there’s going to be a lot of damage!

I am not sure it works like that. Either they add up (200% from execute + 100% from demonic + 500% from electrocution = 800% = x9) or they multiply (x3 from execute x2 from demonic and x6 from ekectrocution = x36)

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Demonic (5) is +100%.
Electrocution (5) is 10% per Rank for each DoT on enemy, or 50% for each DoT on enemy, which would end up being +200% normally (4 DoT’s stacked).
Execute is +100% for each one on your Build with maxed values.

1 x (1 + 100%) x (1 + 200%) x (1 + 100%) =
1 x 2 x 3 x 2 = 12x damage.

I think I need to fix the other post.

Oh ok was wrong about electrocution

Please check my current build sir

Im using spike momentum set for this build

Im in floor 1836 m3
Im using Cb+Crushingflames before

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making this build really took a lot of resources

after I tested, this build is indeed enough to instantly kill epic/legend enemies on the 1700s floor when the enemy’s HP is below 25%, less than 2 seconds instead
The drawback is…, this build can’t drain the enemy’s HP quickly when the enemy’s HP is full

Do the talents for elemental DoT affect shock?

@anthony161 there’s an old post by a dev stating that Sorcery gives shock DoT a 50% chance to chain once and a 25% chance to chain twice.

@TinkerBell it might be better to use Magnify Talent instead of Bewilder. your Twister will be bigger. and change Sorcery to Necrotic to give your Skull +50% damage. maybe take off the Elemental Crit from the OH and replace it with Skull Shield, and on MH replace Skull Shield with +100% Epic Weapon Damage. this will really help your Twister do lots of damage. small changes, but hopefully they’ll be good improvements.


By the way, I also want to ask about reflect dmg
does it work with fire element or something other than shock?
the basis of the damage is the MH weapon, does the DPs from elemental damage increase the damage from the reflect dmg itself? or just based on “true dmg” from legend affix 250% only? For example, if we use 3x250% reflect dmg,
that’s the max damage from reflect dmg that we get?
does the damage double when using execution dmg, demonic etc when the enemy’s HP is 25%?
I just reset yesterday’s build, want to try to make a build with basic elements of Fireshock
looks like it’s not there

I use Permafrost bonus as resource regeneration
good for the resources I use:
-Permafrost bonus
-1x1500MP regen , 1x500MP regen
-Saryr spirit+Gold find
here I use 2x Glasscannon (ruby)
mythic :
The elements I use are Ice, Fire, Shock
But this is still a plan, I haven’t made it yet :smile:

Any suggest pls wlcm

+250% Reflect Damage does Arcane damage, no matter what the MH Element is. It doesn’t do Elemental Crits at all! it can do Critical Hits, Crushing Blow, and I think it can also cause Bleed if you have Bleed Chance on your Build somewhere. +400% Explosive also works with it.

Weaken works with it, and so does Effective Mythic.

Reflect Damage doesn’t have a Cap. anything that increases the global damage will increase the damage of RD.

Elemental Damage is calculated for the Weapon before Reflect Damage.

yes for the under 25% health question.

all 3 Classes have at least 1 Talent or Skill that affects the damage of RD.
Electrified Set increases RD by +50% per Rank and also turns each RD into a 25 yard radius AoE centered on your Character.
Redirect Mythic allows you to RD when you Dodge or Block an attack, and increases RD +100% when you Dodge or Block.
Mirrored Mythic increases the damage of RD by your Block %.

hope this helps.