Seven Deadly Sin Pet Stats

I am now in a stage where I collect a lot of legend to be use in unlocking legend SDS Set. can anyone tell me what is temperance and gluttony?

I want to know it first before I unlock two SDS. I don’t want to waste my dust.


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They have legend affix
Intelegen & ballance
Strength & ballance

I mean, what is temperance and gluttony is? What it do? I want to know it before I start unlocking SDS set. If I like the affixes that the pet gives, then I will go for SDS set

Can anyone one have screen shot of the Merlin Imps?


This is it
Not usefull in arena

You can found it on floor 500
Use nadroji set with nadroji bonus
No need crystal luck%,if you have perk fortune booster

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Spending your time for farming between floors 495-500,goodluck

here is a thread about using SDS Items in a PVP Build. @dickwad did a great job working on it. most players just us this Set/Build for a Farm Build. I think I remember someone mentioning they made a Floor Climbing Build with one.

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Ohhhh. I didn’t read that it can only be fàrm in the upper floor. Nàaàhhhh never mind. I will just build what my friend sent me.

if you look in the Codex > LegendEx, at the bottom of the Item there is a mention of which floor, map element, powerful monster, or any other requirement needed to find a Legend Item. or just use Dust to buy it from the LegendEx.

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Remember that the 7D’S bonus applies to any affix ( epic, legendary or chrystalline) you add to the legend set. It also applies to any mythstone stats except Elixir.Yes it effects chrystalline. Unless it’s been changed.

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About that build:
Athereal is found past 400 floors, arcanist is found past 800 mythic3 difficulty. Those are unpractical.
2 +10scatterShot & 2 +10fortune should be good(u can distribute hero points till per skill 40).
Talent: Relentless20->rebound20 since it’s a 1 shot kill build.
Better have 2 epic goldFind woking with Buccaneer.
“effective ascendent” seem unecessary since it’s not a element build.
Nova, +5Talent seem not that important.
Do consider mythstone clearcast &giftlv32 &wisdomlv35 &another extraAtk &crtDmg &dodge.
Move mainhand’s extraAtk to somewhere else so u can add a +30expGain mythstone(200 cap for expGain).


Deadly sins let on its own will destroy a build. But if you have 6 deadly sins items it adds 35% to all % stats.

You need 7 deadly sins for farming. 6 for pvp ( plus one set item/pet) of choice. Now if you was to use deadly sins in PvP you don’t need the pet. The bonus activates. So any pet of any set receives an extra 35% chance bonus on its stats.


Still, it’s is more easy to complete the set that my friend recommend although I will do a little adjustment. Unlocking SDS set is a waste of dust for me. Right now, I’m at floor 239. I will consider SDS set after I reach floor 500+.

I kind of felt the same way about unlocking it with Dust. I just waited to unlock the Items by Farming. took a long time before I got Merlin Imp.

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