Seven Deadly Sin Set Question


im planning to complete the sds set and it will be eternal…
im saving already bout 40k salvage points…
do you think its good for climbing map?

tell me your opinion
comment now!!


the consensus is that it is good for Farming, maybe ok for PVP, but does poorly for Climbing Floors, getting worse the higher you go. if you do a search on seven deadly sins, the first 15 posts look like they have a lot of good info to help you.


Okay for pvp but underpowered. But an exciting build to play with. From there you progress and read guides and get more ideas. As for legend procs (as a single ) test them out in pvp. Some will rarely happen. The least mathematically likely will surprise (eg summon furies)


Now you could concentrate on one or two procs then go epic critical,bleed,crushing chance plus % damage to each i suppose.


no i mean,i want to get all eternal sds cause i have an eternal sds pet and i want it be complete, but i just dont want to waste the salvage points i already collected so im waiting to know if anyone competed the eternal set and what is their opinion on it.


I got the legend pet merlin and you have the eternal. Both extremely rare
. Well done. The eternal set is better for killing monsters


To be truthfull my merlin is just a cherished pet these days. Sits in my bags with a loving pride of place.


someday, Merlin will whisper an idea in your ear for a Seven Deadly Sins Build, and you will be crafting again. :hammer_and_wrench:


@dickwad @Golem only that Elusive Imp (Eternal) left. that will complete my Eternal SDS.


wow good job and gl on your journy


When I’m at 149/150 in kill enslaver feat, I make sure never to get 150/150 on levels 500 or above. The last thing I want is Merlin’s Imp. Well, maybe not the last. If I get one more Slime!


even Slimes need :heart:.


Lol :slight_smile:So do faries and furies.


Faries are very underrated pets. Its just about balance.


Merlin is whispering in my ear. I need to rethink what sets actually do. Need to rethink if 6ds is better now i have my pal merlin.


hmm, I wonder how a Fairy would work with Masochism builds.


Fairy with masochism will hurt you probably unless you have some devious idea :slight_smile:


it would be interesting to try, since Masochism keeps HP around 50%, and Fairy’s Heal when you get HP that low, would make good spike damage if you also had Blood Magic and Defiant, depending which way the Heal went. would make a good test. maybe Sanctuary if the Fairy’s Heal did kill you sometimes. good thing it only happens every 5 seconds!


I can see where your going . Blood magic converts resource into hp. Good idea. Test it out. Interesting.


about fairy even though its under rated its my most used pet and thats mainly bc of its wish ability as long as i dont get 1 tapped it will heal me meaning less hp and more dmg + it helps out alot on higher floors