Warrior Grinding [BUILD] Seven Deadly Sin Set

Any suggestion for this build?
This can stand floor 700 without dying.

Me too has a liking on this set but I’m waiting for someone that will mess with this set.

Just a guess here but I would think affixes like the 10000hp on the ring and helmet would be worse than %hp since the set bonus increases %affixes. Probably the same for the regeneration on the OH.

I don’t think there is much to do. Each piece has 3/4 keeper affixes. Pretty much just wear it or don’t.

Where does the set drop?

500+ floor sir

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I only nid the OH and Helm to complete the set xD

Spam floor 500+ sir you can do it

anyone have 6 items?

What kind of 6 item?

I have so many sets of six items, you don’t even know.

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The regeneration on the OH is a default affix. I did not change it to see its effect. for the 10000hp, I really put it there to boost my HP%, but I think reflect damage will also be nice to replace it.

Reflect DMG is almost garbage. Only useful in PVP, and, even then, it’s not that useful.

How did the 225% max crit dmg turn into 292%? Is there any change to crystal affixes or is it because of seven deadly sins. I don’t know yet.

becouse of SDS green set affix

You didn’t notice the other affixes? :wink:

Im so happy that the obsidian i apply give what i want until the head part give all crap affix (spoil) if i got +%HP or Crushing it all set lol.

Anyway, @Refia note this please. the deadly seven sin set affix effect +% bonus is bugged, i mean the bonus % added on for each percent affix is not added. for example that crit damage, on my gear its 300% but on stat it just 226% something, happen to all stat too eg a.speed deadly dodge resource exp(MS) eth eth., idk if the stat are bugged or the set is bugged

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Thanks for the bug report. Noted :slight_smile:

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Hi Chronos, is it your fire build? :smiley:

nope it just some build i try give a shot