Share a wizard build and some thing what to know

Realy? thanks. Iam not sure, this is the only one maybe suitable for wizard, I am not sure whether relentless will work on wizard now

And now, something i am not sure.empower,it seams that empower don’t take HP, is this because i have glasscannon on the same time? will empower work at this situation? does the talent form Roger or warrior will work on wizard?

this is the first time I share a build, I am not sure whether some other guys have shared the same build, if there is a same one, I will apologize and remove this

Looks great and fun.:+1:

Thanks for sharing your build @smiles292.

thanks😄, my first try on wizard

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Talents from other Classes on Pets don’t work on the Class you are using. so Relentless would work if you were using Rogue, but not if you are using Wizard or Warrior. Weapon Skills will work. if you had Scalp on your Orb, and had Scalp on your Pet, it would boost Scalp on Orb, even though it is a Warrior Skill on a Wizard Weapon.

that DMG you got for Storm using Teleport is awesome! reminded me of an old post I read where a player was using Teleport as their main DMG Spell.

Empower does lower HP for more Power Stat. right now, it is lowering your HP by 50%, and Glasscannon is lowering it by 99.6%. I believe these %'s are multiplied, so you wouldn’t get down to 1 HP unless you had Glasscannon 100% and Empower 40, unless you had low HP to begin with.

nice Build, @smiles292 .

here is that very old post I mentioned, with a few videos of Teleporting in action.

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thanks very much for your reply, maybe I should try to get another green pet😭

it is a topic 6 years ago? you have good memory​:smile:. english is killing me :sob:

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I haven’t been playing DQ for that long. I was doing a Search for something recently, and this Post was a part of what was found. I thought it was cool that someone was working with a Teleport Build.

most Wizards use Teleport for moving quickly and getting out of danger fast. it only does 100% OH WD, but has a good AoE and Cool Down.

one nice trick is to have increased AoE and face a wall and spam Teleport until there are no more enemies bothering you. then go to the next batch of enemies.

floors with open rooms require you to do a lot of hopping around, so it requires more effort to control direction to get the best out of using Teleport.

yes, I use orb to run at the beginning, but I found it is easy to get tones of dmg


I really want to know how to use teleport weapon, im playing wizard using manashield or skullshield more often. Why you hp only 11 when you dont have manashield ? Or is it similiar to manashield ?
And my wizard damage only around 50m, that’s a lot of damage you have when using teleport. I really need to experience with teleport weapon pls teach me :sweat_smile: thank you

firstly, this is a dynamic dmg, it means that I have to touch lots of enemy to get high dgm. teleport gives a chance to travel among monsters still alive, so I can touch, not kill, lots of monsters when I jump, so dmg is high. but if you use manashield, you can not travel among them and keep alive. other topic have said that manashield is not a good choice when layer is high. maybe, you can try other things, or battle magic😂

see top

What mean dynamic damage? So if you touch more enemy then you will get more damage? And you use storm to kill enemies ?

@forever the 11 HP is from using Glasscannon & Empower. Glasscannon is a Legend Affix that can be rolled with Ruby or found on items. it increases your DMG by a % while lowering your HP by the same %. he has 99.6% Glasscannon. Empower is a Wizard Talent that increases your Power Stat by a % while lowering your HP by the same %.

I am guessing that Teleport is used to get out of the way of attacks and Storm is used to knock back enemies if they get too close.

Dynamic DMG: using Ascendant & Arcanist sets together is like using the Plagued Set. Arcanist (5) Set places the Arcane Debuff on enemies, causing +20% ED to enemies for every enemy with the Arcane Debuff when they are attacked. Arcane Debuff lasts 5 seconds. so if he Teleports to the Cartographer in less than 5 seconds, and places Arcane Debuff on 30 enemies along the way, he would be doing +600% ED to the Cartographer after placing the Arcane debuff on it, until the Debuff starts to wear off of the previous enemies, or they die from DoT’s. an effect like the Talent Fester can increase the duration of Debuffs, so the Cartographer can take DMG for longer, or it takes more time to find the Cartographer.

if he had one second left when he got to the Cartographer and hit it with Storm 40, it would get hit 8 times in the last second, the first hit places the Debuff, and the other 7 hits would do +600% ED DMG.


so professional😄, I didnt think that far, just jump to the boss, storm, over, if not die, jump away, and back. 20 teleport have big aoe size, maybe, enough. if jump all the way, you can always have huge dmg, dont need to care about the time


Thank you, i understand now. I think arcanist stack only 20% on the description, well we can use to boost till 600% damage. I always skip that arcanist whenever i randomize my build using amethyst, maybe i will consider to use arcanist on my wizard farm :innocent:

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@smiles292 time to kill any monster, even the bosses, has an effect on loot drop, but if you are just climbing floors, winning and continuing to the next floor is what is important. and of course, surviving the fight with as few deaths as possible!

@forever as far as my own play style goes, using Arcanist in a Farming Build isn’t worth it, although using Arcanist on a Farm Build to farm Pack Size Maps isn’t too bad. but my Wizard Teleporting as fast as possible to the Cartographer, building up enemies marked with Arcane Debuff to boost DMG on the Cartographer is kind of nice when climbing floors!

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oh it seems clear now, for arcanist, jump or move very fast or taunt or smash with 4 addition attack, is good

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on lower floors, even Primary attacks can do a good job of killing monsters, even Farm Builds on floor 500 M3, if the Build is Crafted right.

Arcanist works best using a weak Spell to place Arcane Debuff on monsters without killing them as you race to the Boss. on higher floors, you could use stronger Spells to place the Debuff on the way to the Boss so you weaken them incase you want to go back for something after you kill the boss.