Share a wizard build and some thing what to know

so professional😄, I didnt think that far, just jump to the boss, storm, over, if not die, jump away, and back. 20 teleport have big aoe size, maybe, enough. if jump all the way, you can always have huge dmg, dont need to care about the time


Thank you, i understand now. I think arcanist stack only 20% on the description, well we can use to boost till 600% damage. I always skip that arcanist whenever i randomize my build using amethyst, maybe i will consider to use arcanist on my wizard farm :innocent:

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@smiles292 time to kill any monster, even the bosses, has an effect on loot drop, but if you are just climbing floors, winning and continuing to the next floor is what is important. and of course, surviving the fight with as few deaths as possible!

@forever as far as my own play style goes, using Arcanist in a Farming Build isn’t worth it, although using Arcanist on a Farm Build to farm Pack Size Maps isn’t too bad. but my Wizard Teleporting as fast as possible to the Cartographer, building up enemies marked with Arcane Debuff to boost DMG on the Cartographer is kind of nice when climbing floors!

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oh it seems clear now, for arcanist, jump or move very fast or taunt or smash with 4 addition attack, is good

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on lower floors, even Primary attacks can do a good job of killing monsters, even Farm Builds on floor 500 M3, if the Build is Crafted right.

Arcanist works best using a weak Spell to place Arcane Debuff on monsters without killing them as you race to the Boss. on higher floors, you could use stronger Spells to place the Debuff on the way to the Boss so you weaken them incase you want to go back for something after you kill the boss.


yeah, I am around 1000 now, storm is not so powerful now, this build still have some space to improve. the skill of orb, I use it with tricker to give more mirror image. then plenty of elements at the same time. so shatter many not so good, summon maybe better


im still lazy to go at 1000 floor half of my team still need go to eternal

@Golem is skullshield do pierce dmg? Iwants to improve my build

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I got some idea to further improve this build. first, exposed seems hardly to work, one way is use a skull with shatter as special skill. but I dont know whether skull shield is a pierce skill. second, with a powerful skull as off hand, like smoke bomb bag, but the dmg caused by mirror image is not clear, is it equal to the dmg

showed onbelow picture?


keep up the good work

@smiles292 When I started I made builds without guidance. After you make your build then start reading guides. But start by making your own… Doesn’t matter if your build is good or crap. What matters is you thought about it.

the skull or powerful skull, I didn’t mean I want to use skull as a output weapon, it is used to cause multiple elements.

There are lots of things that help skullshield. Element set, critical chance, element critical. and element damage ( you need both) , bleed chance and bleed damage ( both needed) . Deadly strike. Crushing blow. Try sureshot or skilled mythic on armour. The list is endless.

I mean I use the power skull to improve the Mirror image

Trickster set item converted to wizard with legend mirror image proc on gear.

A mirror image is a mirror of your gear. The items that you wear has an effect. :sunglasses:

I didnt use skullshield like your skullshield, it just provide a stable element to amplify, the talent. so it doesn’t meter whether skullshield have huge dmg. the wp dmgis used to improve the output of mirror images

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Well just experiment. Don’t forget necrotic talent.

So the point is you still want to use teleport OH with talent skullshield ( reclaim ) and you also want to change OH skill to mirror and make your mirror has more damage using reclaim right ?

Skullshield by itself doesn’t do piercing DMG, but I haven’t tested if it works with that Chest Mythic and those Chest Myth Stones that lets some skills do piercing and piercing DMG. that sounds very interesting for a Skullshield Build. :smiling_imp:

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