Share one of your favorite legends drop!




Yea lol I got no use for it


one hellish item to drop. Frustrated few time tho coz i was trolled by GOD , getting few eternal blade before this. But it was spell sword and vampiric set. Finally I got 1. T,T

P/s: Lvl not care that much will use it for PvP only lol. New build coming soon~ nhahahaha



not so op tho. but i like that damage to elite .


is 50%+ weapon dmg the best MS for this? lol I’m going to use this for now for my axe thrower pvp build xD


if u mean hatchet then i guess that blade not good. it just waste 3 slot affix for + damage to elite, not worth. i suggest u use any other item that can actually support via global like frozen fate, munity. boost your oh element damage with +%ED legend affix


OH i see. lol thanks again, Cronos. I’ll keep that in mind. I just used up most of my rare crystals fitting my Crystalline hammer last night lol


your welcome lol… think carefully before u do anything at your item lol.


Got this awhile back :blush:


give me that… lol… lvl 93 and 100 have not much different on affix


Yes . I wish I can got no use for it. Just keeping since obsidian blade are rare.
Guess what II just got from my eternal chest. :grin:


What to choose :stuck_out_tongue:
One of my storage chars lol :smile:

Eternal Cataclysm is nice. :sunglasses:

I have an eternal pet now. It’s tink though. Curse of @cronos4321 work xD

Edit: Oh And Eternal Obsidian dagger one of the hardest to find >.>


Why don’t you convert those into crystals. :slight_smile:


I will but I haven’t arrange what I have duplicates. I wasted some amethyst though in testing because I already pick an affix then I change my mind then I wanted the affix back >.>. And I forgot one exclusive set lol xD. I even made a guide for that and I didn’t follow it xD.


Aha lol I do the same thing. I still need to earn stacks of crystal so I can make my PvP warrior. But I did pull this item today . its a very good upgrade compare to my old one lol. And my cash stack :cry:


eternal tink.? post the pic. i always want eternal tink lol. druidic = GreenGarden absolute core


I think your going to like my tink :smile:


All those pets. I want some.


Gotta catch them all. POKEMON! xD

I don’t have all though.
Missing pets
simba, scout, and bane.