Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Just got an eternal map a while back after completing the collect maps feat.


the only pet i dont have now is simba and rage old ver (blood magic)


Btw emman i dont get what u mean with Curst of “me” work lol…


well I haven’t made a build for tink yet for pvp :stuck_out_tongue: So this is your curse lol.


ohh lol. sorry for the curse actually happen lol RNG god listen to my wish.

Dear RNG god. please let Emman have another eternal pet. long or short time needed for him to get another 1. please give him something useful and related to combat. (Not a pray but curse. make it happen) LOL




Dang gimme !


maybe use for a Green garden? @cronos4321


Nice one, u can use for green garden but it will limiting your set affix with is some will need to let go


Yeah I was just looking at that


Dear RNG god I know u love me and give me a lot very rare item as drop, thank you. But please don’t troll me like that again and again. That is the third times u troll me. Please~

@Emman @VicBot @Saintwave @saintwave @Saintwave pray with me. Or u might get trolled too. Lol


Lol, that’s bittersweet man. I couldn’t play too much nowadays, too busy trying to find a job, having a financial crisis at the moment, hopefully I’m not too far down the ladder. Lol.



Good luck finding a job.

@cronos4321: That’s a good drop :stuck_out_tongue:


btw emman. i got second frost raven ring (warrior) with block crystal affix. the pray work. lol


Anyway i could make this useful



Very nice affix on pet. I want that spike xD


its a beast for use with I’m loving this set up. Just wished it would attack more


Forever my fav. Once I get an Eternal Ragnarok Chakram, my Spike might be replaced. :stuck_out_tongue:


this is my life saver. my first eternal and probably my last good drop haha