Simba's Suggestions/Improvements/Bugs

I’d like to start off by saying, awesome game! This is by far one of the best, and the only currently installed, game on my Galaxy s3. Iv’e been playing and looking for a great game for awhile and it appears that I have finally found it! I know this game is still in development, or beta, so I have a few suggestions before you guys publish this final version which are that follows:

-On the beginning on the start screen it would be nice to be able to rotate your character, with a finger, 360 degrees to see there full outfit (will be nice also when you guys add more equip-able item slots!).
-Somehow incorporating a multiplayer or PVP system would put this game over the top.
-Boots, Chest, Helmet, Amulet, Gloves, Leg pieces, Rings, Cape, Belt. These would also bring in many more players I believe and would GREATLY improve enjoyment of the game and have players playing more to get more items.
-Increase the leader board to the top 100,000.
-Ability to adjust sound volume in game
-Be able to customize your character. Female/Male, hair style, skin color etc.
-Quests with in game NPC’s would really spice up game play too and have more players hooked.
-You NEED to add more levels 10 different bosses would probably be best. You have to think about long term for players playing (which means easy profit for you guys). It’s easy to beat level 1 and all the acts on the first day you play (a couple hours).
-Also getting to lvl 99 will be fairly easy. I think you guys should lift the level limit but make it extremely hard to level after level 99. It will definetly become boring to many players if they can’t level any higher.

Hey there, thanks for the suggestions! :smile:

To address a few:
While we do plan on adding new levels/bosses after we go full release, in the meantime the next bit of content will come through Challenge/Quest Maps, which should hopefully add some interesting gameplay and challenge.

We are probably safe to increase the Leaderboard to 100k as well, as we’ve grown past where 10k makes sense.

Also rotating the character at the front is a great idea, and more item slots are coming so seeing your awesome gear will be great!

Also a very minor bug i just noticed:

-Sometimes when you kill and enemy or crash a barrel and gold comes it, it will land past the borders of a wall, you can still reach it but fixing it will just polish the game up more.

-When battle the ice boss, his ice spikes go outside the “arena” into the air when near the sides.

-Act 1 Floor 44, the portal is 1/5 covered by a wall. Also noticed that this floor was a little choppy for a couple seconds.

Thanks for the heads up.
We are working on addressing the issues with items/gold landing behind the walls! This should also fix the issue with the Floor Exit appearing partially inside of the walls as well.

-Barrels are in the exit portals.
-The tornado spells enemies cast go through walls sometimes.

-magic poision spells by enemies also go outside of walls

-when i freeze an enemy using a mele warrior weapon sometimes the enemies become invincible and they still attack me but i cant attack them!

The ability to create an account is greatly needed. How do I keep my character when I get a new phone?

Account/Character Cloud saving is one of our highest priorities right now, aside from completing all the content in the next patch ( new item slots/new skills/talents ). More to come soon!

-need to increase the max exp. People are already reaching the max in the leader ladder.

-the ability to purchase multiple exp boosters from the store would be great or different levels of boosters like x2,x3, etc.

-you can loot legend items like crazy if you get high percentage luck items and go to act 1 floor 1
-pets would be a nice feature
-being able to view your character a bit more would be nice during gameplay especially after you release more types of items
-instead of per act achievments you should add totals. Like total number of barrels smashed, total number of enemies killed etc.

Great suggestions :smiley:

Another suggestions

  • put the name of magic/rare/bosses in different colors
  • as a warrior i find enemies with knockback attacks quite annoying it would be great if bash attack offered increased block chance while you’re performing it (after all you’re supposed to charge with your shield)

Adding those to our to-do list, thanks writehere!

More legendary items would be amazing, i have literally gotten like 3 of each of them or even a tier above legendary would be awesome. Maybe make the leaderboards in game show more than the top 10 and introduce some kind of trading and social interaction to the game. :mrgreen: - Garda

Are there any current plans to incorporate multilayer into this game?

@garda We definitely plan to add more legendaries to the game. We’re in the process of adding 4 new item slots to the game, and at the very least,we’ll need some legendary items to go with them. :smile:

As to social interaction/multiplayer, we do really want to get this in. In what form, we can’t say right now, but it is really high on our to-do list.