Slimed by Steiger

I’m walking through the forest, feeling the happiness that comes from having the Accomplished Perk. Completed Feats popping up every where! Plowing through the monsters on my way to my second perk, a Feat pops up! Monster Horde! I take them out and before I can feel the happiness again…Monster Horde # 2! I blast them away, and before I know it…Monster Horde #3! A big slime! takes a few seconds to die, it’s tougher than the weaker Hordes that came before, and I am feeling good, until…Monster Horde #4!!! A Slime 50% bigger than the last one. we pause, checking each other out. then it moves fast, attacking with an elemental attack! I move and dodge, and then I see it has 5 affixes! And every time I hit it, It’s HP only goes down a little bit. and then I see that it has a Purple name. I am happy, a Mythic Monster with cool rewards, but it is really trying to take me out. Then I notice the Slimes name…Steiger! Now I am nervous, because I can’t help but remember that name from the DQ Forums. Then I wonder if I can win. After we trade some Epic Blows, I come out victorious, with another classes Eternal Item to show for my efforts.




You should think about being a writter.

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*career in being a writer

I really do think that mythics that have a name “steiger” are the strongest since it’s the nme of the creator itself.

well, I don’t know about writing, but I do like to read. fighting Steiger Slime has made me wonder what other interesting monster names I will discover.

Cant remember the name of the big worm

Malum!!! The worst enemy i could ever face -.-

The worst enemy period!

Malum just pops up and shoots really fast. when I am paying attention, I try to shoot first, or move around, and then hit him before he done tracking me for a shot.

I just run around him and let my hireling take care of all the killing xD.

well, I was going through the options a few days ago, and came across the credits. as I was reading the names listed here, I noticed that a lot of them have items and tough monsters named after them. some how, I also ended up on the Shiny Box website, and found a few more names that can be found in DQ, either items or monsters. it is kind of fun having a monster show up with a DQ Personality’s name. although I am usually so busy trying to survive, it might take a few different battles to actually see the monsters name.
I should make a DQ Personality build, just for the fun of it, and see how it does in the dungeons.

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Haha… slimed by @SteigerBox . That’s good stuff

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hehe, I have fought steiger, golex, caslassy, broadway, and a few others. I’m always like ‘hey, I know that name!’ then either I die or I barely win the fight. most of them are Mythic Monsters, but I think a few were Legend. when I am on a challenge map, they get any buffs the map has, plus they have 4-6 of their own affixes. always a good fight, gets my adrenaline pumping.

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Yeah I agree. I do enjoy how some of the legends are named after the Devs and the mythic enemies named after Developers and testers as well as some epic enemies sometimes.

Too bad I kill them too fast to quickly see the names of the enemies :wink:

Sweeping Slime. :joy:


Monsters inc is cool. :wink: :joy:

I just found out that some of the mythic monsters will switch skins. I don’t know if it is because they change skins depending on which elemental map they are on, but I had one that was a fury the first time I met it on a fire map, and was a druid warrior or summoner on the poison map. of course, it one shot me dead, because I didn’t see the message for the mythic monster spawn feat, and it spawned off screen, so my death was the first sign it was there.
@PaNgaHazZz I think the mythic monsters have a smile like in the video, when the play, I mean fight, with us.