Small Guides, For Newbies [ Farming, Leveling, Equipment ]

Let’s start from introduce my self.
I played Dungeon Quest like 1 Week ago, but i learned alot things in this games, im also readed all dictionary and wikis :stuck_out_tongue: , so something i can do it’s sharing my playing tips in this games, like farming , about equipment, etc.

I played two jobs, one is rogue, and another one is wizard
My Wizard are defense and atk tipe ( balanced, atk around 3M [ Storm ], HP it’s 40k ).
My rogue are builded use GodWrath ( for PvP ) for PvE i just use Frozen Chakrams.
They both level 99 :).

I know game it’s cheat or hackable, but don’t try to do that because this games will be boring if you do that, also if you do cheat, sometimes, your data will corrupt, like your inventory be white ( all items turn to white icon ), or your weapon will gone or weapon stats affixes mythics crystal etc its gone, like normal weapon, or maybe your game will crash.
Play fair it’s good, make this games more fun and have a good challenge for us.

If you ( the advance user ), reading my tips, and i typed some wrong tips, please correct me :), and tell me where the wrong, ill try to change it, i just try to help another people.

#Farming Gold

Level 1-50

Before you got a legends gear / equipment, farming for gold it’s not easy because you can’t go floor 150+ mythics 1-3, so here the tips :
First what you need it’s strong up your equipment, play in floor 50+ mythics 3, if you can’t do above floor 50 mythics 3,just go floor 50 mythics 1, when you farming gold, at once you gaining exp, so you also can level up when farming gold, this what i do when i under level 50, i got around 1,2M gold when i do this, 1,2M gold it’s enough for under lvl 50.
Don’t forget to Sell the Useless equipment.

##Level 50++
When you reach level 50, you can equip a legends equipment, so farming gold now it’s easy if you have a good legends equipment, but, if you don’t have a legend equipment, try go to ignis act 4 floor 20 and farm there, it’s best way for first legends equipment.
Once you got them, you can go floor 150+ mythics 1-3 depends on how strong you are.
For me, i farming gold when i play challenge maps, so i can gget gold while playing challenge maps, 1 challenge maps = 100k Gold, that what i got.

As what @CuzegSpiked said, for hardcore user they farming in slime stage ( best is 181 ), i tested it, it’s more gold then item :p.

#Fast Leveling Guides.
###Level 1 - 10
Play Normal mode, until you got all magic / rare equipment with the best stats for your class / jobsm once you get them, go play Legends / mythics 1, depends how strong you are

###Level 35-100
After you play mythics 1 until you level 35. you will earns alot epic item, i think you will got all set to be epic ( MH,OH,chest,cap,ring, amulet ), After you got all epic keep going higher floor with mytics 1, after you reach floor 130, and you feel you don’t have enough power to go higher floor,just farming on there, kill the boss, you will got alot legends item, in this floor, atleast once i kill the boss, it’s drop 1 legends item, if below 130, its just like 25-75% to drop the legends items.
While use this tips, you also can collect up legends equip, crystal, and gold

#Crystal Tips
i played this games around 12H per days,so i can earns gold up to 25M ++, also alot crystal, the ‘BEST’ way to farming crystal is on floor 200 mythics 3, i got alot crystal from there, it’s like 7-12 cyrstal per wave ( per maps clear ). In one day, i can make 1 - 2 Obsidian crystal, it’s amazing ?
If you lazy to farming, try to play pvp mode, you can get the crystal from pvp reward chest

#Equipment Tips

###Frozen Chakram ( PvE )

###MrMaru Bow Build ( PvP and PvE )

###LOHKO ( Lucky One Hit K.O ) ( PvP )


###Aftermath - Meteor Wizard

###Prismatic Plaguebearer - Defender Wizard


Warrior - Fortune Bringer, Farming Build

Redrum Warrior

Thanks for reading my thread, and sorry for bad tips / bad english.
Feel free to tell me where is my wrong tips, and ill correct it :slight_smile:


So you farm on Floor 200 mythics 3. Is that the regular map or the challenge map? If is the regular map, do you farm the boss or just the floor 200?

For the hardcore or advanced players or players who just want to farm easy gold, we farm 181 alot or packsize maps to get more gold or rare equipment. Also another point to add for newbies is convert legends with 245k gold if you find the item useless and if gold is easy at that point to gain rare crystals. These rare crystals can help you create great builds and provide the opportunity to test out new affixes and thats why I built aftermath build in the first place after discovering the abilities of sets and legend affixes as well as epic affixes.

Higher the floors, more drops, higher rarity drops, better mythstones and crystals as well as more gold. Ignore resist really boosts up farming if you manage to get the affix.
For mythics, newbies should read the wiki.
Another thing newbies should keep In mind is hero and stat points. The must have hero points are strength, intelligence and fortune to 20. The rest is up to you afterwards and for stat points, dont make all equal. Use what’s really needed.

For wiz, spend most stat point on mana for resist and power while some bit on hp. For warriors, I think a lot of hp with some power and mp. Hp for warrior is armour. For rogue, spend most stat points on power since it gives dodge while you have some hp and some mp. These are recommendations for stat points once you max out on them and find it easy to reset it. These recommendations will change over time depending on certain builds and your knowledge. These really affect the speed of your build, power and performance on pvp and campaign. The rest is really up to you guys. You will be better players if you learn most of it yourself by yourself and possibly make really good builds.

I made my good build because I figured by myself and I am just an averagr person. My aftermath build when I first built it, I was a newbie at the time but I am learning so much now and also, my aftermath build post is my very first post.

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Oh and if ypu haven’t reached floor 181, just do whatever floor you feel will give you easy gold and never ever pay for respawn cost. Easy gold means floors with only slimes such as floor 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 141, 161, and if you reach there… 181.

:wink: lava stage is more items, and can be sold as a gold :wink:

I farming in floor 200 , after clear the maps, i go to the boss for legends, or if i lazy to farm, ill just play my challenge maps

good post +1 suggested sticky

Oooh, you beat me to posting a guide like this. Guess I won’t make mine then, or maybe delay it a bit. +1 though.