So im on floor 176 and need a little help

To get Nadroji it say’s beat POWERFUL eneime’s,what do they have to be to be considered powerful

Epic tier plus = Orange (epic), red (legend) or purple (mythic).

What are the drop chance’s from each eneime?

Very low probability for nadroji / defiant / ultra rare gear. Kill them as fast as possible. The gear will drop when you do not expect it. Good luck!!! :+1:

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Thank’s for the help @Mr_Scooty

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Im just gonna put it here, hope this helps :smiley:

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Thank you @LK_Stradmore for posting that it helped me somewhat lol i Ascended yesterday but i got the Fortune skill lol

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Just doing my job fellow dq player. :sunglasses:

Question to you @LK_Stradmore how do you become a tester for game’s because the DQ developer’s said some thing’s about future games and i would like to be a tester

Refer to this :smile:

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Thank you :smile: