So what's gonna be your first 2.1 Perk?

Just curious what others think, as 2.1 approaches: If you are planning on ascending, what will you be choosing as your first Perk?

  • Accomplished - Requirement to complete Feats reduced by 25% ( rounded up )
  • Enshrined - Increase effectiveness of Shrines by 300% and increases Shrine Count by 1
  • Hunter - Shrines now always spawn 1-3 Epic Enemies ( does not stack with Hunter mythic )
  • Treasured - Increased chance for Eternal and Crystal Legends by 300%
  • Fortunate - Adds 200% Luck and Gold Find to drops ( beyond cap ), increase pick-up radius by 5yd
  • Dealer - Increased gold value from selling items by 1000%

Dealer is in the top of the list for me haha

Dealer of coz… hahahaha… i gonna be fluffing rich… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

no.5, no.4, no.2, no.6, no.1, no.3.

6, 5, 4, 2, 1, 3 :smile:

Six, five, four, one, two, three. :smile:

4, 6, 5, 1, 3, 2

Dealer, definitely. It accelerates your farming speed so you can simply ascend to higher tiers faster without worrying about gold. Then Fortunate then Treasured since this seems to be the most practical course for the first 3.

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5 and 4

Why are people picking 5 over 4? Just because rare legends matter more than eternals? Assuming (5) eternalized and crystallized and capped luck, 4 increases your eternal and crystal drop rate by about 86% (350% to 650%), while 5 only increases it by about 27% (750% to 950%). The PUR is nice, but with dealer the gold find will be rather meaningless (unless it factors into buccaneer and you use scattershot, but based on the text of buccaneer it shouldn’t).

Because I want to hunt for those new rare legends ASAP and have more gold during the hunt. At this point we I already have enough eternals.


I admit it…that everyone have a good reason and planning on next step

But i will got 4 for my main char… and 5 for hirelink and change gear to full DPS so it can support main char, and move faster leveling

I newbie players… so thats what i need

I think I should choose dealer, accomplished, fortunate, hunter, enshrined and treasured. Is this a good order? Let me know if anything needs change. I think none of us has experienced 2.1 just yet so its not definite decision. Dealer sounds super awesome. Since I sell a bag of rare items for 10k gold, have that x1000% = 100k gold per bag. This is really good if your inventory just keeps on being full constantly that you want to throw away your tablet and never play dq again. Makes major difference especially with the highest item drop. Also makes farming for other perks way easier and if gold easier, means more crystals, use for reset hero point and stat point easier, buying on vendor better. I think i will be getting million per floor without boost and with boosts, even more.

Your should definitely get Treasured early on. Get a boost on that Crystal and Eternal finding. :wink:

Treasured > Fortunate > Enshrined > Accomplished > Dealer > Hunter

Don’t need gold too much for dealer. Hunter, well there’s a ring for it. Unless they change the perk to permanent 3 or more spawns, I think losing 5 seconds switching rings is an acceptable trade. Accomplished, this perk is still up in the air since I think they might change the skill point system.

Fortunate - 1st
Dealer - 2nd
Enshrined - 3rd
Treasured - 4th
Accomplished - 5th
Hunter - last

I already got eternalized and crystalline gear and those boosts do stack with set affixes crystalline and eternalized right? How much is the current percentage of the chances to find crystal legends or eternals and what it looks like after beeing boisted by 300%. If it does stack with eternalized and crystalline, it would be 300 + 250% = 550% increased chance if stacking is allowed? I doubt they would stack but I don’t knoe yet. I was thinking dealer so gold will be soo much easier and leveling up is easy amyway for 2 perks. After dealer, how about treasured so I can spend all that excess gold and afterwards maybe fortunate or accomplished and if I chose fortunate afterwards, accomplished, enshrined and hunter.

I think it would definitely stack, considering that the chance for finding eternals and crystals is under 1% (don’t know for sure) without any affixes for it. I saw a calculation before, but I don’t remember it. :confused: Plus, if you’re finding more eternals and crystals, your money will be better spent. :wink:

it stack, already ask them on preview thread and tester already answer it.

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Oh awesome! I guess more eternals and crystal legends ftw! More chances of testing out crystal affix for free without obsidian as well.