Some one to help me abot red affixx

I want to know how to build 100%-400% WD ED i use crystal random legend affixe but not see pls help me


Legend Affix these are the Red Affixes you see on items. many can be rolled with the Ruby Crystal, and the rest of them can only be found on Legend Items. here is a post that has a list of what you can and can’t roll with Crystals.

Crystal Affix these are the Cyan, or Light Blue, affixes. there are about 20 of these affixes. you can roll them using the Obsidian Crystal or have a random chance for a Legend Item to have one. if the affix can be Crystal affix, and is on the Legend Item normally, then it has a chance to be a Crystal affix.

Legend WD% can get up to +200%, and can only be found on Legend Weapons, not rolled by Ruby Crystal.

Legend ED% can get up to +100% on any Legend Item, for a total of +600%, not rolled by Ruby Crystal.

at this point in time, there are no weapons that have both Legend +200% WD and +100% ED on it. also, there are no Crystal versions of these affixes.

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Thak you i get it and what about this is a long patch.

it is a pretty good build that was made for climbing floors. it looks like he had Luck Natures on all his items for improving the loot he got from monsters. the only thing I would change is the +5,000 Fire DMG on the Pet and replace it with Reduced Cool Down or whatever I thought was better, but that is just me. or change the Item Natures all to Elements. 6 of them would give +30% Elemental Damage to all Elements used on the build on both weapons, which would be a lot more damage than you get using the 5k Fire DMG, which can only be used by the MH. I guess if you looked around the Codex, you could make this, with only a few changes, for any Class with any weapon that you wanted to use. but if you wanted the 100% Block, I think you have to be Warrior to do that. I don’t know if Wizard or Rogue can get over +75% Block when using Epiphany (5), +84% with Epiphany (8).

Im not sure how up to date this is but if your new it should help a bit too…

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I think Slow Projectile was changed to Slow Orb, but that is a great post @TeaCup.