Some things

some rebalancing suggestions?

  • enemy at very high floors
    • rescale HP (so players will not eventually drop their creative build in favor of crushing blow)
    • rescale DMG (similar reason)
  • enemy affix thorns
    (this is a thorn in my side, if not for my high regen to counter it at a certain point of my HP)
    this affix needs an internal cooldown of 0.2 sec to prevent insta rips on fast attacks
  • new enemy affix that bypasses a portion of player block and dodge
    • (player dodge is 80 - enemy bypass dodge is 30% = actual player dodge is 54)
    • (80 - 30% = 54)

new crystals?

  • changes the main and off hand weapon types (works with eternals)

new mythic offhand affix?

  • epic affix values are increased by 50%
    (a lot of the epic values are kindof left off in favor or other build enabling or very powerful affixes)

new mythic affix?

  • changes heroic skill in hero page with what skill the player has equipped on his/her weapons
    (ex. player with hammer has the primary and special main hand skills of ‘smash’ and ‘whirlingblades’, the skills on the hero page swaps the ‘earthshatter’ with ‘whirlingblades’)

change the warrior talent Frenzy into a 6 second buff?


I am very serious when I’m going to say that this game can become a offline competitor against the online only diablo immortal. that game is not even a loot based game anymore, its just a better version of bladebound where you choose an item type, continuously improve that item and reforge affixes (affixes which most likely have no unique interaction that changes mechanics that promotes creative builds)

  • new crystal?

    • rare crystal that adds +1 to item level above 100
      • should slightly help as floors keep getting higher and higher but player strength at that point has already stopped
      • also currently the base AR and weapon dmg isnt even that high per item lvl
      • this new level is added separately (ex. ilvl 100 + 2) that way when a player uses ascension even if that item lvl is already 200 they can still use it at 50
  • PVE test dummy

    • a pve test dummy that has 0 def of any kind
  • legendaries and above shown as a red dot on the map

    • from time to time I try to back track around the map in case i somehow not pickup a legendary during clearing maps
  • hide filtered loot from ground

    • the loot not usually picked up eventually starts to pile up causing fps slowdown
  • ascendant bonus

    • this bonus needs a buff or rework, the existence of weaken crystal affix makes this into a waste of slot
  • campaign leaderboard cleanup?

    • every two weeks the campaign leaderboard automatically deletes anyone who is inactive from game (this gets rid of the cheaters taking up the rankings that are permanently up in place)

the Ascendant Bonus actually makes more sense now. after Patch 3.0, the Ascendant & Arcanist Set Combo requres Weaken to work, and the Bonus gives +50%, which is pretty good, especially when you consider that before 3.0, you needed Crit Chance. Crit Chance only goes up to +60%, +75% with Epiphany (5), and +84% with Epiphany (8). there are a few Skills that can get Crit Chance even higher…but with Weaken, you can get +100% of every hit putting the Arcane debuff on an enemy, with +90% Crystal Weaken and the Ascendant Bonus or an Epic +30% Weaken.

maybe instead, change one of the other affixes to Legend +200% Weapon Damage or +100% Elemental Damage. I would use that Item for sure, since I like using Wizard Staff. with Crystal Weaken +90% I would have +140% Weaken instead of +120 using Epic +30% Weaken instead of the Ascendant Bonus.

I like all of the other suggestions, except the first one looks kind of awkward with the 101+ level weapons still available to level 50 players. so unless player level goes to 100, level 198 weapons would be the max, and only available to characters of half level or higher.


because lvling back to your original lvl is a chore especially without the gears that define your character

as for the ascendant, it waste 2 slots for 50% weaken if you ask me, you could get 2 90% weaken cyan affix (total of 180) instead or another set affix and 1 90% weaken

  • new crystals?

    • changes the main and off hand weapon types (works with eternals)
    • horrible idea of making a changeable main hand weapon type, people would all choose the highest base dmg type main weapon. changing the idea into OH only.
  • new affixes that focus on weapons that has high base attack speed? (that wont benefit high base dmg weapons)

  • new legendaries that rolls 2 random set affixes?

    • just keep purchasing them at codex till you get set that you want
    • can roll class exclusive sets but not the rest that the sets the Amethyst cant roll
  • change Mindful talent into a 6 sec buff?

  • change Blessed talent bonus requirement from flat armor only -> the entire overall armor?

    • i was doing an experiment where i wanted to be tanky with high armor and high elemental resist (not relying on the only 2 dmg reduction this game has which is defiant + pathfinder).
    • but apparently Blessed bonus only works on the flat armor not counting any % increases to it, resulting it not so high elemental resist boost that could easily obtain via Cyan Affix
  • less new ring, amulet, helm legendaries and more off-hand and armor

    • ring, amulet, and helm slots have a lot of competition on choosing what to wear already
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Keep em coming!
I’ve been itching to have new updates in the game as well. Then let’s wait for the devs to read this and maybe they can consider implementing one or two.

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as far as leveling, no one really needs to get the Perks, but they help a lot with Farming Builds, and as soon as you get to level 99 for the last time, leveling up weapons is a good idea. I have always wondered why it isn’t a part of DQ, because having a higher level weapon will really boost a weapons BWD, and that can only help at the really high floors, even if only a little bit, and open the doors to Builds that don’t need to rely on Crushing Flames & Frozen combos.

I think for new Players, the Ascendant Bonus can be very useful, but for Players in the late game, settling for a +100% WD isn’t worth it in conjunction with 2 of these Set and the Bonus. I haven’t gotten to the point that I want to make an awesome Build with it yet. someday, though… :nerd_face::man_scientist:

  • affix

    • set bonus for Off-Hand trap/skull/horn
      • +100% total damage
        but resource cost deals damage to you (counts as a hit)
        and deadly strikes is 0 (cant combine this with a deadly art / deadly strike / brutal build)
    • set bonus that guarantees 100% chance Extra Attack(s)
      • but Blead dmg is set to 1
    • affixes that benefits Double Strike investments?
      • currently an eternal affix with just 1 investment on +200% elemental dmg or a +100% push the limit can give more dps than a +50% double strike (as statistically 50% chance of +100% dmg is just 50% more dmg and in order to +100% dmg it requires 2 eternal investment)
      • but it might be worth it if there are affixes that proc or gives something special during a Double Strike hit
  • Mythic

    • Mythic affixes that give more bonuses to Stats Health / Mana / Power per invested point
      “only 1 Stat Change system effect will be active at a time”
      • skills below CD of 2 sec gain 150 base DMG per point of MANA
      • Crit Chance is uncapped when you have at least 100 HEALTH
      • gain 1% total AR per point of HEALTH
  • Celerity Talent might need some changes to benefit Chakram Whirlingblades build

    • because a patch remove interaction with Rogue Talent Celerity with Whirlingblades
      there is currenly nothing on the Chest talent that benifits a Whirlingblades build anymore
      (im not saying to revert the changes but add something to benefit WhirlingBlades)
  • make max lvl and hero lvl to 100 instead of 99?

    • one of the skill rank is 19 while the rest is 20…
  • buff Explosion Affix from 5% -> 10%?

  • buff Deadeye Rogue Talent from 1% -> 1.25%?

    • its affix (deadeye max +10) is currently no different from the Deadly Strike affix (+10%) and even the Cyan version is a much better choice with +30
  • nerf affixes with flat values for pvp (HP / MP / Elemental DMG)?

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Celerity & Whirling Blades: one of the problems with this combo was that speeding up the return of WB left gaps in the whirling pattern of the blades, leaving enemies untouched. there were a few posts on the subject, which explains why Celerity doesn’t affect WB anymore.

Flat Value Affixes in PVP: the few Flat Value Affixes in PVP weren’t flat in the past, but were too weak to be useful.

Explosion Affix: well, I don’t normally use that affix because of the 5% chance to Explode, but I am currently using it in my Wizard Floor Climbing Build (with Twister) & Newest Wizard Farming Build (with Orb & Reactor) for more DPS. it’s one of those affixes that works well in some builds and looks weak on other builds.

I like the other ideas for the way they change up the game and give a bonus at the cost of something else. I also think the level 100 for Character & Hero Skills is cool, but on the Hero side, that would mess up my perfectly looking builds using Equality Set. oh well, you never know how good a change is until the change is added to the game.

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i didnt say to revert it back

just 1 eternal item with flat elemental damage already gave a large difference in DMG in PVP during dummy testing
and stacks of flat HP provides a bigger HP boost and some even can go 30k+ when comboed with total HP% (cheaters knows this, which is why they abuse this with modded eternal items)

are you using Explosion Affix with crushing blow?

how does 1 extra hero/stat point destroy an equality set build?


as far as Cheaters go, they usually get caught and sent to the Cheaters Battle Arena. besides, I don’t worry if they are cheating. I just use their difficult builds as reasons to Craft a better Build that can beat them next time, and so can any other Legit Player. not only that, what ever the Cheater is focusing their build on just means it has a weakness somewhere else. remember, only 42 total spaces to put affixes on if you have a Pet.

I have Explosion on my Climbing Build that has Crushing Flames & Ice with Frostbiting, and my current Farm Build is a Prismatic Wizard using Orb/Reactor and Skullshield for damage, with Explosion for more DPS and AoE, but doesn’t have or need Crushing Blow, as it only Farms Floor 505 or lower on M3. but I am tweaking 4 spaces for a good affix combination at the moment.

right now, Equality Set is on my Farm Build. I have 7 Points each in Strength & Intelligence. technically, an extra Point for having Hero Level 100 would go into my Comet Skill. I want my Orb Skill to only be at 20, Skullshield is already at 40, Dexterity and Fortune are both at 20. Comet has 25, 26 if Hero Level was raised to 100. normally, I don’t like my Skill levels to not be divisible 5 or 10, mostly because it makes feel like I am missing Points somewhere. but with Equality, I figure a 7 in Str. & Int. is ok, at least for this Build. now if I wasn’t paying attention and put the extra Point into Str. or Int., my Damage & Regen would go down a little. it wouldn’t really destroy the Equality part of my Build, but on Farm Builds, some small changes can be a big thing.


so in other words you dont want to put that extra point in comet because “it doesnt look right”, even though you said it yourself

then dont put points into STR or INT because it slightly nerfs you… put it on Comet because it buffs you

this is just a very personal and subjective problem

its not about the cheaters, its about the balance and the flat values are too strong (ignoring bleed atm because i cant think of a way to help fix this), there is also the spammable twister abuse, as soon as you get caught in it you cant get out (as not every build has a blink or worse gets CCed at the same time)

ive looked at crushing blow at dummy and it seems to overrides whatever dmg is dealt with crush blow’s HP based dmg

concluding with this, your not getting more DPS with Explosion, your just turning crushing blow into an AoE

Explosion affix by itself is very week (just 20% more dps) and it becomes more and more noticeable as the higher you go up


Also add an option where you can pet the pet.


@Vinz as long as it doesn’t cause the screen to freeze.

@Slifner of course I would put it into Comet, a more effective Comet is more important than having my Hero Screen look neat & squared away, or having unbalanced numbers :nerd_face: :wink: .

ok, I think I see what you are saying, +ED in PVP is too strong, since you can put 7 of them on your PVP Build. the thing is, in PVE, +ED is weaker that using ED%, but in PVP, +ED is stronger than ED% in most PVP Builds. same goes for HP%/MP% versus +HP/+MP.

I don’t rely on Explosion for any Crushing Blow or Crushing Flames, Explosion is for DPS when I get the enemies HP below 25%, and of course for AoE, on my Floor Climbing Build. on my Farming Build, since I usually try for pack size maps, it helps kill mobs faster.

Explosion & DPS: Explosion causes damage, therefore is adds to DPS. my Twister on my Floor Climbing Build has a 1.2 second cool down, so I can have 5 Twisters Taunting monsters and damaging them at the same time. that makes 28 hits a second for each monster in the Twister and at least one Explosion per second for each monster in the Twister. on pack size maps… that’s a lot of explosions per second, and it does make a difference, which is why I kept it on. my Farm Build has Orb with Reactor, which gives me about the same DPS with Explosive as my Twister does. I can double or almost triple my Explosive DPS with Orb if I went to Orb 40 instead of 20, and increased the cool down to +75%. 5 Orbs a second with each Orb hitting 14 times a second for 3 seconds, and Reactor Arcing out every 0.5 second for each Orb for as long as each Orb lasts.

when I first used Explosive in my early days of DQ, most of my Builds had slow attacks or low attack frequency, so it was an underwhelming affix to use, but with fast attacks or high frequency attack builds, especially on pack size maps, Explosive does pretty good. I tested +800% Explosive for awhile with my Orb & Twister, but realized I would need to Craft around Explosive if it was more than 1 affix, so I only have +400% on each Build.


it doesnt seem to work well with other fast attacks or high frequency attack skills, (flurry, quickattack, knights charge etc.)

but adding an AoE to a skill that is already an AoE that also does multiple hits per second on a pack of mobs… of course it does, its going to cause a chain of explosions

the devs might as well put a separate value for skills for the proc chance of 10% for skills with AVG Target Hits below 2, and 5% for skills with AVG Target Hits above 2

easy solution, swap the formula, and nerf the flat value
the result of this, would be a balancing act of using flat and % values, too much flat or too much % will result in less optimized dps compared to the ones that balances both % and flat
(because? diminishing returns)

this will also make the stat be useful in both PVE and PVP, not just one or the other.


I think swapping ED+ with ED% in the DPS formula would cause lots of Build problems. remember, there are only 42 total spaces for affixes, when you include the Pet. although this would drastically increase the damage & dps of all builds, it would take up lots of space. 2 for WD% & WD+ on your main damage weapon, 5 for Legend ED%, and 7 for ED+. 14 spaces to max out DPS before APS or anything else is added. 15 spaces if you put a +20% ED on the Pet.

for Explosive, it’s like any other affix, it works great with some Build combinations and does awful with other Build combinations.

I’m still learning the good and bad combinations for the Skills I like to use, and eventually will work on Skills I’ve never really used before, because it might be fun, and I can always share what I learn with others later. not to mention, the challenge of using a Skill/Talent/Affix, that I think sucks, in a Build that goes through monsters like a goat goes through trash, is intriguing.


it wont, and i cant think of a scenario that it will be, all there is, is a swapping of the dps formula and at the same time the ED+ will be heavily nerfed making it balanced for PVP and viable for PVE

there is no reason to stack all available affixes with just ED+ and ED% on all gears, because? diminishing returns, especially when there are other affixes that provides multiplicatively

you can add explosion to a skill that has already an AOE but it doesnt need it, its already an AoE, the ones that does, are the ones ive mentioned but is far too week.


one idea I had was Wand/Barrage with Multi Attack, EAC, get APS as high as I can, add Explosive. haven’t built it yet, only an idea, low damage because of Wand, but the high APS should give a good DPS. adding AoE to Barrage with Explosive… kind of makes Wand interesting to me again, as I haven’t used a Wand since my Noob days.

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