Spawning Mythic Enemies


I’m about to spawn another Mythic Enemy and wondered if it matters where you spawn it. Like, if I am on floor 450 or 201, will it matter on the loot drops? (I’m assuming it will, but would like to know for sure)

And the same question in regards to finding Mythstones/Crystals from the Feats menu, would I get better Mythstones/Crystals from the feats if I got the final one and completed the task spawning the Mythstone/Crystal explosion drop rarer stones?


I heard that on floor 500, you are guaranteed a level 100 eternal drop from killing it.

Obviously then, going higher means a higher level eternal (until 500 ofc).

That aside, there really is little difference except the difficilty of the enemy. (I’d be careful around a mythic enemy on floor 450, but on floor 200, there’s zero risk.)


Okay, thanks! I popped him on floor 200 and it wasn’t any challenge as you said. I felt bad as before building your chakram knight build I had to quit on 2 previously spawned ones. :frowning: I’ll give 350’sh a try next time!

In regards to spawning the Mystones from feats, does that work like regular mystones dropping? Like you’ll never get the lowest level because you’re at least level 200+?


the CS & MS Feat drops are based on which floor you are on, same as when they drop normally. if I was smart (I am not) I would finish these Feats on floor 500-510 to get more of the Ultra Rare stones. but I am lazy (very lazy) and don’t think about checking my Feats to get the best rewards. when I farm floor 500-510 on a regular basis with a good Farm Build, then my rewards will be really good for MS & CS. I have been farming around 110 for a long time, and I never get Calcite and the lowest MS when I finish those Feats.


I’m sure mythic enemies can only drop eternal items


@dickwad they drop Legends too. with high Luck and Item Drop Rate, they drop the Eternal item, and maybe extra Legend and/or Eternal items. I get 2 Eternal items or an Eternal and Legend items from Mythic Monsters sometimes. I got really excited the first few times it happened, and now it is more like ‘oh darn it, that many Eternals is going to eat up my Gold supply. but then again, I am getting more chances for Ultra Rare Crystals. hehe.’


@Golem i get annoyed on maps when wearing an hunter ring and you complete a load of quests at once when you have the accomplished perk. And if you’re on a high floor it’s like the Texas chainsaw massacre with you surrounded by crazy monsters trying to kill you


@dickwad that reminds me of this post I made a long time ago. you know, eventually you are going to want the Hunter Perk so you can use that extra space on your ring for something else. by the time I had the Myth Stones to make a Hunter Ring, I had all 6 Perks. besides, I was busy making other Mythic affixes, like Harmony, Brutal, Equivalence were the 3 I went for early on while Ascending.


And it’s usually when your ready to drop a mythic enslaver. Then you get a mythic boss and legend bosses then you realise you touched 3shrines and got 3 champions each and then you think … Sod this but carry on and it takes 45 minutes. Then you think I hope my battery doesn’t go dead


haha, that is the hard way to find out how good your build is. :crossed_swords: x :dragon: = :face_with_head_bandage:


And then you find the monsters are immune to your attacks. So I have to rummage around in bag 4 ( where I keep my emergency item switches ) hoping i find the winner


I never discard anything in bag 4. Sounds silly. If it’s there i put it there for a reason


well, I find that if a monster is immune, I need Ignore Immunity or Elemental Weaken 100%+. and if the HP doesn’t go down fast enough, more damage, Crushing Blow, DPS, or all 3. I just got my PVP Rogue to level 99, so I am doing a test with it, then getting my PVP Warrior to level 99, then my last 2 Toons for Climbing and Farming (a Rogue and Warrior). I have 3 or 4 Wizard Gears in my bags, but I hope to replace them eventually with better Gears. Dust makes things so much easier.


@Golem @dickwad sometimes if you’re lucky on Mythic Enemies. they dropped 2 Eternals and some legends items. usually happens on high floors. 500+.