Spending money

Looking back over my play store purchases i have noticed that i have spent close to $2500.00 buying boosts from the store, for dungeon quest.

Is this a record??

If so, where’s my prize??

You’d think I’d be farther along in the game. :smile: :blush:


:rofl: but didn’t you just start over after deleting characters? I think the prize is that DQ has improved over the year or two that you have been away, so starting over will be a whole new experience! :joy: and you get the purchases that you had from before, so you are ahead of others who have just started for the first time.
welcome back @Indy and we are all looking forward to your new builds made with the experience you have gained from playing DQ before. :heart_eyes:

Golem, you’ve got me confused with someone else. I havent deleted any characters, nor have i started over. Been here about 3 and a half years fighting and building.

My first purchase was on march 30st 2015.

Now I’m not complaining as i have no other vices. So i dont have anything else to spend money on, and this is a form of entertainment.

Just thought it was interesting that i have spent that much on a game.

But you are correct golem that dungeon quest has improved over the years. :smile:

I just hope the developers are happy with my contribution. :smile: :smile:

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haha, you are right, I was thinking of @Ircher. you both have ‘I’ in your names. :open_mouth: I had just read his post then read this one that you posted.

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Well that makes sense. I understand the confusion. :smile:

Us “I” named people all look the same…:smile: :smile: :wink:

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haha, it doesn’t help that I was doing other stuff between reading his post and yours, so I was distracted and didn’t notice the difference in names. when I read your response, I was thinking, ‘doesn’t he remember what he posted in the other thread?’ so I go back, and see that it is written by someone else. :blush:
sometimes, when I am doing searches, I’ll see a ‘G’ next to the post, and sometimes I don’t realize that I am the one who posted what I am searching for, until I read it. sometimes I am wondering why it looks so familiar, and then I notice who posted it (me). :open_mouth: :confounded: :astonished: :roll_eyes:

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I spend 10 to 20 pound a month. Mainly 10