[SPOIL] 2.1 Sneak Peak ? =x

Some new item will be shown in vid…


Omg… Freaking epic… An so Badass… I’m speechless


that only like 1% of the new item… =D

that skill > quick attack and blinkstrike will be perfect for my warrior ^^

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Awesone :smiley:

That rogue mimic affix, quick attack and blinkstrike just like what i expected and that is what i really want… muehehehe.

No Deadly Seven? Hmph :triumph:

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Uh… no offense but even though the numbers are impressive I’m not even sure if it can be cooked for an OP build

I’d love to be proven wrong though!

More vids!

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Wait till I got the pet, I’ll show you it’s the best farming set ever :wink:

I am aware it is a sustainable all-round farming set…b-but… E___________, C____________ and M________ will die. Which is kinda meh IMO

Subscribe to the channel for more spoiler~~~ =D

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just watch it for second time, and just noticed that the twister finally move straight lol… woot~

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Good eye.

From a Twisterbro to another Twisterbro, cheers!


Player: [Cast twister]
Normal monster: Shit.!!! its twister.
Epic Monster: Calm down, it will move side way. [arrogant]
… the twister move straight …
Epic Monster: Wtf…! this guy is cheater.
Player: LOL. next time watch the spoiler on youtube. noob.


Nice, that’s something to look forward to! DQ just keeps getting better and better. :scream:

[quote=“ocenyx, post:10, topic:5078”]
b-but… E___________, C____________ and M________ will die. Which is kinda meh IMO[/quote]

Are they Eternalized, Crystalline and Mythical by any chance? :sweat_smile:

I was guessing the same

Tip: There’s something new at 01:56 :wink:


finally the twister will move straight :smiley: i was eagerly waiting for a patch of it

twister moving straight is a bug!! it will continue to go haywire !! :sweat_smile:

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Hehehe, i think cronos has his idea and i have my own too :innocent:, i love new stuff even though ive only just learnt about the current update :sweat_smile: