[SSS] Saintwave's Specific Suggestions

Hello guys, Saintwave here. I’ll be going out of town for a few days, and I won’t have internet for those few days. So I’ll leave some suggestions for everyone to ponder on while I am gone. Yay! Lol.

Disclaimer: As I am sure most, if not all, of these suggestions have been posted before, I do not take credit for being the original poster of these suggestions, I am merely stating my take on said suggestions. All bragging rights (lol) reserved to their original poster. Also, ignore the thread name, I was bored, so yeah.


Well, I’m gonna start things off with this one. Since DQ is very similar to Diablo and Torchlight franchises, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to agree that a story wouldn’t hurt. I’m not talking about a full on, voiced and choreographed story sequences throughout all the floors, no, that would be too tedious and time-consuming. Let’s be honest, although DQ is addictive as f**k during the mid-later levels, it has a slow and confusing start, so I suggest implementing a sort of a Story-Driven Narrative (with comic-like cutscenes) during the tutorial and during important points in levels 1-20, like maybe every pre and post boss battles. Maybe explain the origin of the crystals and mythstones or maybe cartos and enslavers and other stuff like that while you’re at it. I’m pretty sure this would liven things up quite a bit during the start of your journey to being a spam-happy 1k map destroyer, or an eternal league forum poster (Lol, forgive me people, had to.)

TLDR: A Story-driven narrative during the first basic floors and it’s Bosses. (Floor 1-20, possibly with comic cutscenes.)


2.a. Defense Logs

If you’re in a high tier league, specially in Eternal, I’m pretty sure you’ll want one of these. A defense logs that details some, most or all the statistics that happened during your defense matches. This will enable you to create builds for Arena Defense or improve the ones that you have. The details could be the same as the ones recorded in the Combat Logs, and would maybe have limits for the last 5-10 defenses you had.

2.b. In-depth AI Settings

Don’t get me wrong, the current AI settings is good, but in my honest opinion, it has room for improvements. Well, to be detailed about it, I’d love to have some/most/all the following features:
Skill Activation Sequence (With actual second-based delays) - basically something to make the AI cast the right skills at the righttime. i.e. Coat>0s delay>GuidedShot x5>1s delay>Stealth
Motion Recorder - This is a bit of a stretch, but I’ll blurt it out anyway. It would enable you to set and record and upload your own moves into the AI, making it move like you, but only in a pre-recorded way. Downside is, your moves can be studied and predicted. Anyway, I don’t think this is possible for now, but I’ll keep hoping, lol.
AI Selection Slots - Again, this one is a stretch, but hey, why not? Basically, we would get 3 different settings slots that we could configure, 1 for facing each of the classes. Let’s face it, no one wants his AI to run face first into a OHKO’s arrow, while having an AI for facing a tank. Yes I am aware this is bad for my OHKO rogue since it will be countered a lot, but hey, it’ll be more fun that way.


Well, this one is a very popular suggestion, and I agree, the basic premise of having your friends on a list so it’s easier to brag your items/rank (Lol) would be awesome, but it should have a purpose. Basically:

3.a. Friends for Hire

While this would be an online function for obvious reasons, it would be awesome and not to mention, very helpful to have your friend as a hireling, though I would suggest this function to only be unlocked after finishing Floor 20 and Ignis. We wouldn’t want friend-boosted level 99’s who has no idea how the game works, now would we? They have to at least know the basics.

3.b. Daily Gifts

Since DQ is first released as an offline game, a login reward system, in my opinion, would only benefit those who can play online everyday, and would be somewhat unfair. And hackers would abuse the hell out of a trading system so that’s out of the question. Therefore, I think it would be better to have a Gift System instead. If we could send random gifts to our friends regardless of their attendance, it would be awesome. And no, not specific gifts but something like pressing GIFT on a friend’s page will give them a random crystal or something like that. This way they would still receive all the gifts whenever they can get online.


4.a. Advanced Inventory Sorter

The current inventory system could sometimes be a pain to arrange, and I’m sure most of us sold that nadroji ring we didn’t notice before it’s too late and then whined like a baby. Simply put, a Sort by Rarity/Type/Class/Name button instead of a fixed sort-system would be really, really cool.

4.b. Bigger Bag

Yep, as simple as that. Honestly, I’m a hoarder, I love collecting all sort of stuff, so this might be biased (It actually is). But I’m sure most of you will agree, we need bigger or more bags for collecting that 27th Cataclysm trying to choose which one has the best proc chances, Lol.


Saved the best and most important (in my opinion) part of the game for last (Duh, it’s called Dungeon Quest for a reason).

5.a. More Bosses

Let’s admit, the more the merrier! And who wouldn’t want more kinds of stuff to kill? Right!? Well, honestly,more enemy types I can do without, since I’ll be one-shotting them anyway, so why not more Boss Types instead, like maybe every 100 map floors after floor 200? It will give players something to be excited about after a few hours of grinding non-stop for that fr**king Insolence that doesn’t seem to drop. Lol.

5.b. Specialized Maps

No, not just super hard eternal maps with 1000% more enemies, no, I don’t like that. Instead, why not have maybe, Mythic Maps, with special affixes and special drops. Something like Axe-Immune, or Elemental-Immune, or, Proc-Immune etc. It would force players to create new builds since a Poison-Immune, Bow-Immune Mythic Map would render their Blight Bow Builds next to useless (I use this build as well, so derp, but it’ll make things more challenging, so why not?)

5.c. Loot Summary

Although this would be good, in my opinion, it would be way too clumped up in higher floors because of the sheer number of items you’ll loot. I would suggest to have a summary similar to the one when opening Arena Chests, and only crediting Legendary+ Items, Crystals and Mythstones.

5.d. Drop Options / Auto-Clear Drops

I’m pretty sure, most, if not everyone experienced this scenario: 78 Enemies on screen, killed with a single skill, 514 item dropped, only 1 is legendary, thankfully it’s your long awaited Mutiny, the Kill Rare Enemy Feat triggered, a lot of Epic Enemies come down from the sky triggering comets, your poison clouds trigger one after another, then… Unfortunately, Dungeon Quest has stopped. Yep. I died a little.
Well, I think one solution would have an option to completely turn off or auto-delete items of certain rarity. Like maybe, Epic and below would be deleted instantly, decreasing the overall clump of the items and effects on the screen. This maybe a personal issue, but I think it would help a lot.

Well, that marks the end of my suggestions thread, but I might add some more when I think of them. Most of these are based on my own opinion, so comments and criticism are welcome. Also, like I said, I’ll be gone for a few days, so if I don’t reply, I apologize. I’ll try my best to reply as soon as I get back. That being said, feel free to alter or improve my suggestions.

Thank you for taking your time to read through that wall of text that I typed. You guys are quite patient. Lol. Anyway, see you guys when I get back. I’ll be leaving in a few hours.




+1 for layout.
+10 for ideas.

I think I’d ice the Friends for Hire mode, however, at least until floor 200. Part of the first 200 stages is getting really hooked on finding upgrades. Putting any of that power away from the main character will result in a less engaging experience.

One thought occured to me: Rare Monsters that grant temporary 15s (or variable duration) buffs, sort of like mobile shrines. Encourages map clearing and putting a timer for combos (like the current Adventurer affix) is a ball of fun even late game.

These buffs have to scale well into late game, so expect minor multipliers, not flat addition.


Thats actually a really good idea, specially since higher floors can easily be a ohko. Powerful timed buffs would be awesome. Stuff like temporary invulnerability, power boost, 0% mana consumption and stuff like that.


I’d like an option to fight against a training dummie with infinite health. Maybe also a dummy that attacks you with x damage in x element (you should be able to customize) for testing equip. Maybe, with high tier crystals being hard to obtain a sandbox mode where you can enchant all you want qith all crystals and use that against dummies to test new combinations.

EDIT: And I would like to be able to view detailed stats for my equip scaled dow n to lvl 20! With set and affix synergies it is hard to guess how well your equip will do in pvp. On that note: Why is + multiattack not scaled down in pvp (you can have +2 multiattack in pvp from 1 affix) but + all sets is scaled down from +2 to +1? Is this intended?

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And some more suggestions:

An overhaul of the challenge system is needed. Some challenges just feel underwhelming to complete. For example collecting 5000 orbs grant you only 20 pots of each sort while no one ever uses those anyways.
Things like kill 10.000 enemies to spawn 5 magic enemies are not very rewarding

Item sell prices!
Selling an eternal item yields as much gold as opening 10 destructible crates or picking up one large pile of gold. I’d say you get about 3x or 4x as much gold from gold drops as you get from selling items. At that rate not picking up items is faster because in the time you sell those items you could start a new map and get more gold!

All great suggestions here :smile:


Is that a maybe or a probably? :wink:

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Another request: I would like to be able to switch mainhand and offhand weapon types (turn pistols into bow, turn bomb into mirror etc etc.). This qould really help with personal preferences and add more variety!

Personally i would like to have a sort of plan in game that we could use to test out ideas for builds we want to make or just somewhere to write notes for it because recently ive been switching between excel and dungeon quest to get information so i can plan and save my ideas for builds. Just a surgestion though :slight_smile:

nice ideas. it would be cool if they can also have a summary report after you finish a map. how much gold collected, exp etc etc


Maybe you can add Friendlist wherein pag na accept ka na as friend then you can challenge him/her so it appears to your friend that you have challenge invitation.