Suggest For New Update

  1. Make Role Gender
    I want play female wizard or female warrior :heart_eyes:
  2. Add Another Role
    Maybe like Wizard but have pet to attack or Priest that can heal your team mate.
  3. Add More Boss
    It’s like more detail design for boss, the snowman boss look weird cause it looks cute :smiley:
  4. More Negative or Positive Effect
    Give more counter-recounter equipment would be nice.
    That’s it, Thank you
    ( i will give another suggestion if i have :point_down: )

I have a weird (and probably stupid) one: make event items with special affixes or buffed affixes (I thought make them appear white)

Lol @DuDono. Why? Expand on your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

@yubifreak that’s way to big to ask for an update. That’s rewriting the entire game.

DQ2 Maybe :smiley:

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This was actually achieved by the devs on the latest patch(v3.1), where every build has a counter.


It would help avoiding copy pasting. If you use an item that can’t be got anymore, build cannot be copied (excluding if you got and kept the item). I know some people would try to copy, but it would maybe don’t work. Let’s say you use a barrage build that have a special attack speed that can overcap. This attack speed boost enables epiphany bonus. If someone tries to copy (without the special attack speed), it would be stuck at max attack speed (because you don’t use epiphany) and have way less damage unless he understands he need epiphany

Whoaps my bad, i should check dictionary on game

You learn to “counter other builds” as you play more.

Is that what you meant?

Yip and btw, This mythic still work right ?


Yes. Very work right it is.

i just got back to game, all i want is new vanity back

Thank you

Guys. I need legendary or eternal pet with green affixes,
Any suggestion how to get my first pet

Kill tons of enslavers with acomplished perk if possible. :neutral_face:


Enslaver Feat. using Accomplished, Fortunate, & Treasured Perks helps, with high Luck. Nadroji & Eternalized Sets can help, depending on if you want Legend Pets or Eternal Pets.


Reroll map stats with Larimer crystals till you get rare enemies to increase enslaver chances. Also you could buy a monster boost.

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that is for Rare Tier Monsters, the Yellow ones. Enslavers are Epic, one of the Orange ones. above floor 400, Enslavers can be Legend (Red) or Mythic (Purple) Tier from completing the Enslaver Feats to get an Eternal Pet Reward.

from what I have read in the Forums, the only way to increase your chances of getting Enslavers is to speed rush maps to get Enslavers, buy a Monster Boost for one hour, get a random Monster Boost from completing the Orb Feat, or a Double Nadroji Bonus Pet Farm Build, as shared by @Mr_Scooty .


That’s how I did it.


Thanks guys. I got my first eternal pet, the dog with momentum affix :heart_eyes::pensive: but sadly we can change that epic affixes on it. Thereis no hp+ or mp+ on affixes but not bad though. I used double nadroji and i can believe from what i just read on forum, they hunting eternal pet around floor 100+ so i try, and yea i got it on floor 104 playing with my hireling warrior.

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