Guys, can u add change name on upcoming update?
'cause I gave my acc. to my cousin and he said he wants to change Its name.
and I have acc. right now , (common league) and i want to change its name too.
can u plz add that? hmm. put a price there like 1m gold like that or 1b gold

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And can u add boss floor , not floor 200 ,195 only. i mean if there’s guild system, then add dungeons , that have mythic enemies and bossed with hard damage and hp.
cause It;s getting boring .

well ,if only theres guild system in upcoming update

You can change the name of your characters but i dont believe you can change your main account name to be honest it doesn’t matter much unless your feeling really conscious about it, if you wanna rename your character then just go to "change character"and it should say rename…

but i want to change the name of my acc not char

Yea you might have to contact support about that, as far as i know you cant change account name

yup. that;s why if there;s upcoming update can they add that?

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