Cool! Develop it further tho so you can farm and clear floors easily with it.

I need eternal fabled staff to craft and jasper. Weapon damage is my weakness :smiling_imp:

Pvp isnt just about power too. See immortal build? That a great example. The damage reduction on minions can be very helpful. Also comand is really annoying in pvp.

Ooooh I’m going to look into it. I like how my summons can kill another player after the summoners death😀 and I like exploding summons. Sweet

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Hahaha awesome! Btw when my warrior faced griffins wiz before it was utterly destroyed! XD. Seek advice on @Griffin. If you really want to develop this on pvp.

See this post i made before. XD
Battled griff earlier 😂😂😂


I wanted to try mirror image build in PvP for same reason I would a summoner damage reduction build, potential immortal but just like summons , the OH% happens to be very low . Well with 3 images, it can accumulate . Although with PTL, Identity, Swap , etc, it can kind of work. Still not that big of damage but then again, there’s a way.
Speaking of summons , I remember summon when it worked in arena before, the time mage build from a year ago. Granted it was ages ago but the potential is there . Then immortal build. I mean summon is like Skullshield, Skulldraga , mirror image and minions. It summoner Mythic worked outside of active minions it would be pretty OP but it probably only works with active minions if at all.

Also the Synergy Mythic could be extremely useful. Think barrage build… summon minion, spam the living crap out of your skill and unstoppable. Also in general, 50% MS and APS is quite powerful in a Mythic at PvP. Then there’s Summon haste and stuff and if they get affected by Synergy Mythic, even better.

The caveat is the Trickster Set. Mirror images is OK and it’s basically a summon dmg% thing at hero points but the Trickster Set not too useful apart from forcing mirror images to come more often. Although it cost a set slot and doesn’t seem worth the set slot . Needs one more effect on Trickster or even a Trickster bonus. I mean 20% increased OH per rank isn’t so bad of an idea but it may either not be enough or too good.

It’s always the underrated stuff that wins. The damage reduction stuff , my builds , etc. They were stuff unheard of or thought not too worth until tried and figured out. There’s always a way around things , even if it’s more difficult than usual.

Not long ago, people weren’t as Tanky in arena either. I mean tankiness was always there but not to the level we have now so it’s intense.

The furies even better since they are MH% . That means Identity set , and other things and they have higher base MH% than the OH% minions for eg. One problem is hit frequency but there’s a way.

Skulldraga has similar HP to you so the higher HP you get, the more HP it has. Minions and Furies are affected, though not as much. There are ways to get them better though of course. Summons are also great at distractions while you beat the crap out of your A.I . My Skulldraga for eg.


I agree


The nice thing about 2 characters with furies in action is the surreal army they collectively produce. However the downside is your summons tend to run off leaving you exposed. Mirror images can imitate your main skill in usage which is cool. But they vanish quickly.

Apocalypse makes any character class a summoner. It occupies just one affix position on a main hand weapon without sacrificing a skill. Its a surefire proc . the possible builds are endless

I would sure be surprise facing it, cause I never saw any on Div 1.

It’s sure not about power, but DPS, what sure minions don’t have. Summon Haste isn’t even viable on arena, since it becomes only 4.8% on level 20. As your minions die, your DPS goes down, so it’s very probably your average DPS is very low.

There is no comparison between an Immortal Build and a Summoner Build: Skullshield implies in 30% DMG reduction with no extra costs, while with Spirit Master (4) + Summoner + Divergence (4) you have only you have only 18.4% DMG reduction. Also, unlike Immortal Builds, Summoner Builds would just worst with draws, in the sense at some point they would instadie by a simple charge. About their power, you’re definitely missing Skill’s Damage: Whirlwind has 500% MH, Scalp has 400% and there is 3x 300% of Skullshield, which together have ~76% more damage (figure out how many Barbarian, PTL and Summon DMG to reach such multiplicator) than five minions + taunt minion (which costs 2 Set Affix Slots), not even mentioning their far greater APS. This can be a little better with Apocallypse mythic, but I also didn’t consider they don’t have a weapon mythic to answer back.

The best choice for a Summoner Build would they as a “Suicide Squad”, which walk to your opponent then explodes in his face. Patch 3.0 even helped this idea: +40% Damage from Sacrifice [4] (It was only 10% before it) and Sadism will boost a lot such build. Albeit if you look properly, this is just another projectile build: You have slow auto-aimed projectiles, which most probably are outpowered by any other wizard choice.


Have you tried adding mirror images , minion, synergy Mythic to your build? Those barrages already super good but gotta have more right? Lol.

I know it’s unnecessary but whatever works. It may not be worth slot though unless there’s actually room.

I do want Trickster set great again though.

I even considered adding syngery + Hunger in a wizard version of my discordance orb build + minions and mirror images. Gotta try something unique and that what I thought of.

Normally I would use Teleport and just do that but gotta try some other ideas and see if they fit well. May not be super worth it but I’ll have fun trying. Or Skullshield for damage reduction but I’ll try something different and see how it works out.

That said, my rogue is still a lot better in discordance orb but I’m like making wizard great again without battle mage .

I know the barrage build was a great way to break out of that battle mage stereotype though. Or instead of orbs, twisters because why not . It isn’t the most unique idea I have but setting out to be different and having fun.

I’m already proud of my changes to my rogue though and I’m doing more I can.

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Yeah you have a super valid point of course. I was 100% aware of the downsides of the DPS of summon and other builds that have their unfortunate effects.

Summon in general was always something that would be seen as a downside in DPS in some way in comparison to other skills but yeah that is true.

A true summoner build would struggle .

He decided to stay in magic league lmao. Minions can easily respawn too when they die u can just automatically recall another minion so it wouldn’t do much difference.

I am not saying that immortal build and summoner build is the same. Im saying that power isnt really a big deal in the arena. As you said its the dps. Plus you can do skull shield with summoner build too.

Get my point? XD

Yeah. I already saw what you were getting at. Anyway thanks to this thread, I got inspiration for yet another build idea xD.

You’re right about these, they would give a great boost on my build (+1.5 for both Synergy and Mirror Images). But I’ll tell you a problem: I need Spike Damage in order to kill Alchemy builds. These are great for increasing my average damage, cause I’ll shot barrage fast, but I’ll would loss my spike power replacing for these. Also, using 3 skills would make my AI less efficient, since I would throw less barrages.

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I think he’s on magic league because he is using such build. lol

The builds score is more then sufficient to be in eternal league it’s in magic league because I’ve played 1 game of PvP this entire season :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmao from the man himself!! XD

XD. Griffin ftw.